The Effects of Covid-19 on Gundam Prices

The Effects of Covid-19 on Gundam Prices

The world is certainly a very different place post March 2020. We like most other businesses have certainly had to deal with a lot changes that have effected the way we operate the business these days. 

Most notably, our competitive price advantage has been greatly reduced. 

The reason for this is we import most of our gundam directly out of Japan (btw we still do buy from the Australian distributor). With the massive reduction in flights worldwide the simple fact is the cost of shipping has skyrocketed and continues to do so. Major shipping players have introduced new emergency fees and surcharges on top normal freight price increases. These additional charges are adding hundreds of dollars per shipment. At the same time our shipping options have diminished and major players like Japan Post EMS have stopped servicing Australia. 

So what have we done to try and combat the rise in shipping cost? We have reviewed our operating procedures and reduced costs where we could. We are utilising Sea Freight which has taken considerable time to get a regular supply of stock arriving each month. Sea Freight is the most economically priced option, however takes months to arrive.

Our ongoing commitment to you is to continue to work hard to bring you best prices, fresh and greater variety and exceptional service all of which we have become well known for amongst the Australian Gundam community.

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