Kotobukiya 1/35 HMM Zoids Fang Tiger


While this model is low in attack power, Wild Liger makes up for it with its impressive range of articulation and dynamic action poses. No adhesives are required to assemble this snap-fit model kit. Multicoloured molds were used to recreate this model in all its original colours. Furthermore, Fang Tiger's internal features were created under the HMM series format.

Bacon is of course included in this model kit and can be assembled to ride in the cockpit. Two versions of Bacon's head are included: the original head and one where his left eye and hair are covered in flames. Flames can also be attached to Tiger's left eye and if users expand its Twinned Fangs, they can recreate Fang Tiger's Wild Blast from the series.

Key Product Features:-

This model is made with multicolour molds to recreate its original colours and is a snap-fit model kit that does not require adhesives.
・Assembly is designed so that users attach armour to the model’s skeletal frame and can return to its unarmed state at any time.
・The detailed structural layout of this model’s joints gives this model wide flexibility to create dynamic poses.
・This model can change its line of sight as the eyeballs can be adjusted on its axis. There is a 3mm connecting joint on the back of Fang Tiger’s eyes to attach the flame parts and recreate Wild Blast from the series.
・The Zoid Core inside the model’s torso can be removed.
・As an HMM-original feature, the four radiation fans on this model can be moved and expanded.
・Each individual section on Fang Tiger’s tail can be adjusted to allow this model to be displayed in a variety of natural poses.
・In addition to the Twinned Fangs on Fang Tiger’s back being able to be expanded, as an HMM-original feature, the base where these claws are set is adjustable. Thus, these claws can greatly extend forward to attack the target.
・A pre-painted figure of Bacon is included in this model kit and can be set to ride on Fang Tiger. Two versions of his head are included: the original head and one where his left eye and hair are enveloped in flames to recreate Wild Blast from the series.
・Graffiti labels are included as decals for personal customization.



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