GodHand EBRSP-H Brushwork PRO Flat Synthetic Paint Brush

The craftsmen at GodHand have created a line of high quality brushes designed for painting miniatures and model kits. Suitable for water based, oil based, lacquer or urethane paints and primers these brushes are comfortable, hardy, flexible, precise and perfect for your next hobby painting project!


* Made by Japanese brush craftsmen.
* Designed for brush painting miniatures and model kits.
* Suitable for acrylics, oils, lacquers and urethane paints and primers.
* Bristles made from incredibly durable Japanese artificial hair (PBT) for outstanding resilience.
* Brush fibres and ferrule adhesive highly resistant to solvents & hot water.
* Brush tip designed for greater flexibility than standard chemical fibre brushes.
* Should bristles get bent, the brush tip can be restored in hot water.
* Easy fit protective aluminium tip cap.
* High quality, comfortable, easy grip handle allows hours of painting per session.
* Easy to clean.
Type: Modelling

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