Gravity 1.0 Sci Fi Modelling Perfect Guide

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From Mig Jimenez:

In the year 2019 we will celebrate 50 years since the small step for a man but big step for humanity. But there are many more years in which man has looked to the stars with wonder and fascination. 

From AMMO we join the tribute to the future with a compilation of models from the last 70 years of Science Fiction and fantasy in a series that begins with this first volume of the Gravity collection. This volume includes models shown through their detailed step-by-step assembly as well as painting of ships and vehicles representing Science Fiction and fantasy subjects of the last 20 years. We have also created a very special atmosphere for you which includes history, anecdotes, interesting data from the movies and much more so that this adventure is not just another book of modeling with a new theme, but a reference and compendium of information and summary of the emotions of a whole generation of dreamers.

And this is only the beginning... we still have more than 50 years to go!

First Published:- Dec 2018

Softcover. All text is in English.

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