P-Bandai 1/100 MG Emergency Escape Pod PRIMROSE Expansion


Premium Bandai adds the Primrose expansion set to make variations of ADVANCE OF Z series model kits in the Master Grade lineup! This kit offers variety of gimmicks and detailing that has never seen before in any AOZ Primrose model kits. The kit serves as an expansion unit for any MG 1/100 scale AOZ kits, that includes its main variant host, the Gundam TR-1 Hazel to make some of its variations and equipment expansion.

The kit is completed with water slide decals, and an action base included to support its display needs.

Do take note that this kit only includes one unit of Primrose, you will need to get multiple copies of this kit if wished to make more variants of AOZ Mobile Suits. This kit does not include HRUDUDU or any other units shown in the following images below.

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