Wooden City Chariot Da Vinci


In the range of Leonardo’s inventions his scythed chariot stands apart. Chariots had been in use for several thousands before da Vinci (check out one of Wooden.City models Roman Chariot). He only wanted to improve it. All in all, da Vinci’s invention has the same wheels as the Roman chariot but had improvement of spinning scythes mounted on the chariot. Unlike the ancient chariots,

Leonardo da Vinci’s model of a chariot was not driven by a charioteer. The horses were to drive into the enemy rows so that the spinning cutting blades or sickles could inflict casualties among enemy formations. Chariot wheel spikes are spinning in motion making heavy death toll. To be fair, it must be said that this chariot design was never implemented and remained ink on paper. Indeed, the idea was difficult to realize as horses could run not towards the enemy side but instead they could be scared and could dash against their own formations of soldiers.

However, chariot da Vinci is Leonardo’s marvel of a complex engineering plan. With the help of Wooden.City you can assemble a chariot da Vinci model, a stylised design of the mechanism created by the great Italian. The chariot da Vinci puzzle can spark interest to other inventions of the great genius. Moreover, it will reveal a wide range of Wooden.City models for inquisitive people. Assembling this 3D kinetic model will make you feel like an engineer-inventor of models of different levels of complexity. Thus, chariot da Vinci puzzle is a great idea for a present to all people with keen minds and crafty hands.

All Wooden.City models are easily assembled without any glue. They can be set to motion by winding up the rubber band engine. The distance covered by the chariot is about one meter. This Wooden.City puzzle can be assembled within 3-4 hours. It is intended for adults and children aged 12+. The visual step-by-step instruction will make the assembling process easy and smooth. 74 precut-out parts are packed into an original wooden box. Seeing the moving 3D model is a lot of fun. The assembling process is really captivating, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and a reward of the ready working kinetic model of a chariot.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 240 x 175 x 280 mm
Type: Wooden Kits

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