Bandai 1/100 MG Aegis Gundam

 The Aegis Gundam (and its X300 Variable Frame System) have been reproduced as a MG! 
- The 4th in the MG SEED Remaster series, the fan-favorite Aegis Gundam! Recreated with the a simple assembly to maximize transformation potential while granting a wide range of motion and holding onto the MG standard of detail. 
- Stolen by ZAFT to be used for their own purposes, the Aegis Gundam is a completely transformable Suit, and can shift into two Mobile Armor forms: Attack and Cruise.

- Accessories: 60mm High-Energy Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x4,
Grip (Left and Right), Open Palm (Left and Right)
SKU: 0178383

Customer Reviews

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Shannan (Brisbane, AU)
Gender: Male
Comments: Awesome kit highly recommended
NPS score:
Sharp design

If your a fan of unique builds or a fan of four blades or just a fan of all the above then Aegis Gundam has it all.

Action base required, but once up posing you'll be at awe

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