Our FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Gundam Express Australia Legit?
A. Yes we certainly are. We have quickly become one of the top online retailers in Australia. We are Australian owned and operated. We are located in Brisbane and dispatch from this location. We began trading in June 2019.
Q. Can we trust Gundam Express Australia?
A. We have now processed over 10,000 orders to our wonderful customers all around Australia and New Zealand.
Q. Do customers have to have an account?
A. No, we accept guest checkouts and customer accounts. You can request us to delete your account at anytime and can take up to 14 working days. If you choose to delete your account any rewards points will be lost.
Q. Can I earn rewards points if I register only as a Guest?
A. Unfortunately you do not earn rewards points if you only checkout as a Guest. 
Q. How do I qualify and receive my Birthday Reward?
A. You must have registered for an account. The account needs to be active for a minimum of 3 months, prior to your birthdate. You need to supply a current email address for your birthday discount code to be sent to.
Q. Do Birthday Reward discount code have an expiry date?
A. Yes, your birthday discount code is valid for 7 days after your birth date.
Q. Do we pass on your information to third parties?
A. We do not pass on your information to third parties.
Q. How secure is your website?
A. Our website is extremely secure with SSL encryption. We do not store any credit card or other payment details. We do not share your personal information with any third parties.
Q. I can’t find what I was looking for?
A. Please send our team a quick email to support@gundamexpressaustralia.com.au and we will get back to you promptly with an answer.
Q. What if I have a question about an order I have placed?
A. Please email us at: help@gundamexpressaustralia.com.au
Q. How does the Free Drop Off Service work?
A. This service is no longer available.
Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Currently we are shipping to New Zealand only.
Q. What is girth measurement? How is it calculated?
A. This relates to only international shipping. Girth is a measurement (in cm) taken of the width and height of an item. It excludes the length of the item. Maximum allowable girth to New Zealand is 140cm. Maximum parcel weight is up to 2kg
To calculate girth, Example.1:-  21cm (width) + 14cm (height) = 35cm. Then 35cm x 2 = 70cm. Then 70cm x 2 = 140cm (girth). So in this example if your item was those dimensions (21cm and 14cm) you could send it. (note as length is not used in the calculation at all the items length could be up to 90cm)
Example.2 :- 21cm (width) + 9cm (height) = 30cm. Then 30cm x 2 = 60cm. Then 60cm x 2 = 120cm. Girth of this item is 120cm, so it can be shipped.
Example.3 :- 30cm (width) + 10cm (height) = 40cm. Then 40cm x 2 = 80cm. Then 80cm x 2 = 160cm (girth). As the girth is greater than 140cm the item cannot be posted. Remember that the maximum parcel weight must be 2kg or less using the girth shipping method.
Q. Why don't you have fixed price shipping?
A. Most customers we have polled have indicated that they would prefer cheaper product prices and reasonably priced shipping.
Q. Do you offer Free Shipping?
A. If you you order $250+ in product value your order will be shipped free using Auspost standard parcel post.
Q. Are you actually an Australian based business?
A. Yes we are! We are located in Brisbane, Queensland. Australia
Q. Do you have a shopfront?
A. We are only an online seller. We have a small warehouse in Brisbane. We are not open directly to the public.
Q. Do you allow pickups?
A. Yes, by prior arrangement only. Please send us an email to discuss. Pickup is from Ripley 4306.
Q. What is the best way to contact Gundam Express Australia?
A. By email support@gundamexpressaustralia.com.au or by Facebook or Messenger.
Q. Do you have a phone number?
A. For Urgent matters please call Cameron on 0417617191
Q. How do I earn reward points?
A. Simply sign up to our website and you will start earning points straight away. It is pretty straight forward. The more you contribute to our website the more you can earn. That doesn't just refer to making purchases either, leaving product review, liking our Facebook page or referring friends call all earn you points.
Q. How do I check what points I have or redeem my points?
A. When you login to your account you can click on the rewards tab and in the top left hand corner your current points are displayed. You can manage your points at anytime and apply them in the checkout. There is a variety of discount coupons you are able to choose from provided you have enough points!
Q. Do you offer LayBy?
A. Sorry we do not offer this service.
Q. Can you let me know when a kit comes in stock?
A. We have a great back in stock notification service available. You will receive a email notification when we receive new stock.