Bandai 1/100 MG Gundam Deathscythe EW Ver.

This version of the Deathscythe is a fusion between the original suit and the one seen in Endless Waltz. This was built around the same frame as the Wing with some enhancements to certain joints such as the wrists, allowing the Deathscythe to wield his scythe in a variety of poses. Green effect parts are included for the scythe as well as markings from Katoki Hajime. If you don’t want those wings taking up space on your display shelf but still want the visual style of the EW version, this kit is the perfect balance!
  • Runner x15, Foil sticker x1, Marking sticker x1, Gundam decal x1, Instruction manual
  • Gundam Deathscythe from "Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory of Losers" joins the MG series.
  • XXXG frame is adopted to achieve the high-mobility performance.
  • The snap gimmicks of the wrists improve the range of motion.
  • The beam effect parts can be attached to the buster shield when the claw is expanded.
  • The beam parts are made with clear colored material. The beam scythe can be attached to the backpack.
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