Bandai 1/144 BB242 God Gundam


Bandai's latest version of the G Gundam (God Gundam), issued in the Generation Neo line of BB senshi Gundam kits. Molded in pre-colored plastic with Bandai's fantastic multi-gate technology (which allows multiple colours on the same tree), there are four trees (a lot for such a teeny kit!), and one tree of polycaps for the joints. Included for limited customisation are two left hands and two right hands, in day-glo orange plastic so you can pretend he's powering up with the mighty God Finger -- what? You want non-glowy hands? Not included, unfortunately! Despite all the photos on the box and in the instructions booklet, there are no grey/non-glowing hands in this kit. A note on the side of the box points out that the MG God Gundam hand parts will fit just fine.

    SKU: 5057415

    Bandai 1/144 BB242 God Gundam is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.