Bandai 1/144 Dahack


The Dahack from the final battle is here complete with a full array of beam and shield effect parts! The articulated arms on the backpack allow you to make some amazing dynamic poses!

  • Includes Beam Barriers, Bean Sabers and a display stand.
  • The multi-jointed four arms on its back have mobility and they make it possible to recreate various actions. Beam Sabers can be attached to the tips of the arms.
  • The heads of the Beam Cannons are movable.
  • Beam Barriers are recreated with clear parts.
  • The parts of the flat hands are recreated with foil stickers to express the emission of the light. The wrists can be moved widely.
  • Includes the hand parts for recreating generating beam barriers.
  • The pipes on its waist are recreated.
  • Runner x13, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1
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