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Bandai 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F

$33.99 AUD
Assemble the formidable Astraea Type F, featuring a sleek design, diverse weaponry for various combat scenarios, and seamless transformation between Mobile Suit and Flight Mode.
Key features

1. Sleek Design and Diverse Weaponry: Capture the essence of the Astraea Type F's cutting-edge technology with its sleek and aerodynamic design. Experience the thrill of assembling this iconic mobile suit, featuring intricate details and faithful representations of its anime counterpart.

2. Switchable Armaments for Tactical Adaptability: Equip the Astraea Type F with its impressive arsenal, including a GN Sword for close-quarters combat, a GN Launcher for ranged attacks, a GN Beam Saber for precision strikes, a GN Hand Missile for surprise attacks, an NGN Bazooka for devastating firepower, and a GN Shield for defense.

3. Transformation between Mobile Suit and Flight Mode: Unleash the Astraea Type F's versatility with its seamless transformation between its Mobile Suit mode, ready for ground combat, to its Flight Mode, equipped for aerial maneuvers. Enhance your display with dynamic poses showcasing both modes, capturing the essence of the mobile suit's adaptability.

Series Assembly Guide FAQ

Bandai 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F

  • Gundam Astraea Type F from "The Side Stories of Mobile Suit Gundam 00" comes in the HG series with new weapons!
  • Includes new weapons such as GN hammer, GN hand missile which is used by Kyrios, GN pistol which is used by Dynames , and Bazooka for GN-X.
  • Basic weapons for Astraea such as Proto-GN sword, shield, and GN launcher are also included.
  • Contents: Sprue x7, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual

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Assembly Guide

Skill Level.2 Basic modeling skills are required. Parental supervision may be required for younger children. These kits are generally suitable for beginner builders. A basic set of modeling tools are required including nippers, hobby knife, sanding sticks/paper, file, and tweezers. No glue is needed for the general assembly. Parts will need to be removed by using a pair of nippers and cutting the part away from the runner. Parts may require clean-up where they were removed from the runner.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are a snap together assembly and do not need plastic cement to complete. We always recommend having some plastic cement handy as a part of your modeler's tool kit. If you prefer to fix your model in a particular pose then plastic cement will work. Plastic cement is also perfect to use if a joint is loose. Apply plastic cement in a single thin layer and allow it to dry completely before test fitting. Re-apply more cement if necessary.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are designed to be built and displayed without the need for painting. Kits are molded in different colours replicating the colours of the actual mecha from the Gundam series. A technique called colour separation, where multiple parts of the model are molded in different colours on the same sprue is also used. Gundam kits often include stickers or water-slide decals that can be applied to the model to enhance its appearance. Some Gunpla kits come with pre-painted parts or parts with pre-applied details, such as metallic or translucent finishes.

Many modelers still choose to paint their kits to customize and add further detail. Painting allows for more creativity and personalization, enabling modelers to achieve unique effects, weathering, and colour schemes that may not be available out of the box. However, the kits are designed to be enjoyable and visually appealing even without painting, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scale and grade of the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F?

The scale of the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F is 1/144, which means that the assembled model will be approximately 13 cm tall. The grade of the kit is HG (High Grade), which is a mid-range grade of Gundam model kits that offer a good balance of detail and articulation.

What is the difference between the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F and the other Gundam kits in the HG line?

The 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F is one of the main Gundam kits in the HG line, representing the Mobile Suit piloted by Celestial Being member Alejandro Corner in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 anime series. It is known for its sleek design, diverse weaponry, and ability to transform into a Flight Mode.

What is the difficulty level of assembling the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F?

The difficulty level of assembling the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F is intermediate. This means that it is more challenging than a beginner kit, but it is still manageable for most modelers with some experience. However, the instructions are not as clear as the instructions for some other HG kits, so you may need to do some research online to figure out how to assemble some of the parts.

What is included in the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F kit?

The 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F kit includes the following: A sprue of plastic parts to build the Astraea Type F A sheet of stickers to add details to the Astraea Type F A set of instructions for assembling the Astraea Type F A variety of weapons and accessories, including a GN Sword, a GN Launcher, a GN Beam Saber, a GN Hand Missile, a NGN Bazooka, and a GN Shield A stand for displaying the completed model

What is the estimated release date for the 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F?

The 1/144 HG 00 Gundam Astraea Type F was released in 2010.