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Bandai 1/144 NG 30MM Option Parts Set.1.

$12.00 USD
Weapons, armor, & customization tools for Alto & Portanova! Pre-painted gray, ready for your touch. Expand arsenal, boost defense, mix & match!
Key features
  1. Upgrade Arsenal & Armor: Diverse weaponry (cannons, railguns, minigun) & defensive parts (side panels, thrusters) for Alto & Portanova. Expand your combat possibilities!
  2. Customization Playground: Pre-painted gray canvas for your creativity! Add weathering, decals, or paint for a truly unique & personalized 30MM experience.
  3. Joint Expansion: Bonus joint parts unlock creative attachment options across your 30MM collection. Mix & match for unexpected combat configurations!
Series FAQ

Bandai 1/144 NG 30MM Option Parts Set.1.

Further customize your 30MM mecha with this optional parts set! Equipped with a wide range of customization options such as new armour, optional equipment, and explosive reactive armor. Various weapons can be further customized. Includes cover parts for unused hard points. Includes, various joint set, Side armour x 2, Additional thruster x 2, Explosive reactive armour x 4, Cannon x 2, Railgun x 2, Minigun x 2, Searchlight x 2

Alright everyone, get ready for a crash course: Bandai is doing their own kind of Frame Arms-esque thing with unique model kits of original designs, and there's a heavy focus on the ability to make small adjustments and customisations by using interchangeable parts from the other mainline mechs OR by buying separately-sold expansion sets. Take a look around all the related products to familiarize yourself with what the line is all about!

This is the option parts only! No figure included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of parts does this set include?

It's a diverse set! You'll find new armor pieces like side panels and additional thrusters, various weapons like cannons and railguns, accessories like searchlights and cover parts, and even extra joint parts for creative customization.

Does it work with all 30MM models?

For the most part! The armor and accessories are specifically designed for the Alto and Portanova models, but the weapons and joint parts offer more flexibility and could be used with other 30MM models with some experimentation.

Can I customize the pre-painted gray parts?

Absolutely! The gray gives you a nice starting point, but you can add weathering effects, decals, or paint them to match your existing colors or create a completely unique style.

Are the weapons any good?

They're a great addition to your arsenal! You get different blasters, a minigun for rapid fire, and even a pair of searchlights for tactical recon. They're simple but versatile, giving you more options for battlefield customization.

Is this set worth the price?

That depends on your needs! If you love customizing your 30MM models and want more weapons and armor options, it's a great value. However, if you don't see yourself using all the parts or prefer pre-assembled kits, then it might not be the best fit.