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Bandai 1/144 Option Parts Set Gunpla 08 (Bolden Arm Arms)

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Bolden Arm Arms supercharges your HG Gunpla! Multi-form for air & close combat + diverse joints for universal fit. Upgrade & dominate!
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Key features
  1. Multi-Form Domination: The Bolden Arm Arms transforms between a high-mobility flight mode and a combined form, giving you tactical flexibility. Imagine soaring through the battlefield then seamlessly converting to a powerful close-combat configuration!
  2. Universal Compatibility Arsenal: This support machine isn't picky about its allies! A posable arm and diverse joint parts (single-axis, two-axis, and ball joints) allow for seamless attachment to a wide range of HG Gunpla models. Expand your Gunpla's tactical options and create unique combat combinations.
  3. Enhanced Mobility & Weapon Integration: Anchor parts and additional joints provide a secure connection between the Bolden Arm Arms and your Gunpla. This not only bolsters your mobile suit's mobility, but also allows for better weapon integration, maximizing your firepower and strategic edge.
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Bandai 1/144 Option Parts Set Gunpla 08 (Bolden Arm Arms)

Supercharge Your Gunpla's Tactical Options with the Bandai 1/144 Option Parts Set Gunpla 08 (Bolden Arm Arms):

Imagine the possibilities: Expand your Gunpla's arsenal and combat strategies with the innovative Bolden Arm Arms! This ingenious support machine from Bandai's Option Parts series injects a thrilling dose of tactical flexibility into your Gunpla customization.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • Effortless Transformation: The Bolden Arm Arms seamlessly transitions between a high-mobility flight mode and a powerful combined form, adapting to the ever-changing battlefield.
  • Universal Compatibility: A flexible arm and a diverse set of joint parts (including single-axis, two-axis, and ball joints in various sizes) ensure seamless attachment to a wide range of Gunpla models.
  • Unlock Endless Combinations: Experiment with different attachment points and configurations to unleash a universe of unique combat styles for your Gunpla.

Dominate the Battlefield:

  • Enhanced Offensive Power: Anchor parts and additional joints ensure a secure connection between the Bolden Arm Arms and your Gunpla, maximizing its mobility and weapon capabilities.
  • Dynamic Posing Potential: The flexible arm and diverse joint options allow you to create stunning battle poses that showcase your Gunpla's tactical prowess.

The Bolden Arm Arms: A Must-Have for Discerning Gunpla Builders:

This comprehensive upgrade kit is a dream come true for any Gunpla enthusiast seeking to unlock the full potential of their mobile suit models. Pre-Order Now - Limited Quantities Available! Don't miss your chance to transform your Gunpla into a tactical masterpiece!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Bolden Arm Arms work with my specific Gunpla model?

The Bolden Arm Arms boasts a high level of compatibility with various HG Gunpla models thanks to its flexible arm and diverse joint parts (single-axis, two-axis, and ball joints). However, it's always recommended to check online resources or the product packaging for a confirmed list of compatible models.

Can the Bolden Arm Arms change its form?

Absolutely! This innovative support machine features two exciting modes: a high-mobility flight mode for swift maneuvering and a powerful combined form that enhances your Gunpla's offensive capabilities.

How does the Bolden Arm Arms connect to my Gunpla?

The set includes anchor parts and a variety of joint options that ensure a secure and versatile connection between the Bolden Arm Arms and your Gunpla model.

Does the Bolden Arm Arms come pre-painted?

No, the Bolden Arm Arms kit comes unpainted, allowing you to customize it with your preferred color scheme to match your Gunpla model.

Is this a pre-order or is it readily available?

Depending on the retailer, the Bolden Arm Arms might be available for pre-order or for immediate purchase. It's best to check with the specific store you're considering to confirm availability.

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