Bandai 1/144 RG Sinanju Neo Zeon Mobile Suit For Newtype MSN-06S


"Gundam Unicorn" have been waiting a long time for this one!  The Sinanju finally gets a Real Grade kit and wow is it detailed.  The emblem parts are golden-plated for superior detail and the red parts feature a smooth glossy finish for extra impact! All parts come molded in multiple colours with stickers provided to add extra colours and markings. 

  • Full Frontal's deep red mobile suit Sinanju from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn comes to RG!
  • The flexible thrusters on its back feature new, realistically re-engineered thrusters, and hatches can be opened to show off its internal mechanisms.
  • Its golden engraving is plated, and the red armor uses gloss injection, each for a beautifully shining surface.
  • And of course, the entire design is refined and up-detailed by Hajime Katoki!

RG Sinanju is one our best selling kits!

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