Bandai 1/72 NG RX-78 Gundam (Mechanical Model)

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One of the classic old Gundam kits from 1983, this reissue of the 1/72 RX-78 kit includes interior parts to allow you to build a cutaway version of the main mecha from the original television series. Kit includes a display base which holds batteries to light up a couple of mini light-bulbs that hide within the inner mechanism. The outer "skin" panels can be removed and replaced to reveal the insides. 

Plastic cement is required to assemble this kit. This is not a snap build.

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Shane Graham
Gender: Male
Comments: It's standard old kit affair. Gluing just takes a little longer.
NPS score:
Likes: It is an interesting kit, and delivery time was too quick 😆
Improvements: Nothing
A little extra needed, but worth it.

As an old kit you will need glue, supply your own LEDs, and I would suggest paint. This is not a snap fit model, and would give this thing 6 stars if they ever updated this with that feature plus a little more colour separation. Put in the extra effort and time and get it painted, it will look amazing, you will love long time.

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