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Bandai 30MM Customize Material (3D Metallic Stickers 2)

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Take your 3DMM mechs to the next level with metallic shine! ✨ 3D Metallic Stickers 2 add depth & dimension in iridescent blue, vibrant purple & sleek silver. Effortless application, durable & universally compatible. Unleash your mecha genius & make your models shine!
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Key features

1. Add dazzling 3D metallic accents:. These aren't your average flat decals; they have a raised, 3D layer that adds depth and dimension to your model's details, making them truly shine.

2. Effortless application and universal compatibility: No need for messy paints or complicated tools! These self-adhesive stickers are super easy to apply, simply peel and stick. Plus, they are universally compatible with any 1/144 scale 30MM model, so you can customize your entire collection with ease.

3. Endless customization possibilities: Unleash your creativity and personalize your mechs like never before. Apply the stickers to sensors, weapons, thrusters, joints, armor panels, visors, or even create your own unique designs. The possibilities are truly endless!


Bandai 30MM Customize Material (3D Metallic Stickers 2)

Supercharge Your Mecha's Shine with 30MM Customize Material (3D Metallic Stickers 2)! ✨

Tired of your 30MM models looking flat and lifeless? Add an instant dose of dazzling dimension with the 30MM Customize Material (3D Metallic Stickers 2)! These aren't your average, run-of-the-mill decals. These are powerful portals to a world of gleaming accents and eye-catching details!


  • Transforming ordinary sensors into glowing beacons: Equip your mech with iridescent blue, vibrant purple, and sleek silver 3D stickers, mimicking the gleam of active systems and adding a touch of futuristic flair.
  • Elevating ordinary weapons into menacing masterpieces: Enhance the impact of your mech's arsenal with 3D metallic accents. Turn its missiles into shimmering threats and its guns into radiating powerhouses!
  • Unleashing a universe of customization: These versatile stickers aren't limited to weapons and sensors. Apply them anywhere your imagination desires – from thrusters and joints to armor panels and visors. The possibilities are endless!

More than just shine, these stickers offer:

  • Effortless application: No messy paints or complicated tools needed. Simply peel and stick – your models will be beaming with brilliance in no time!
  • Durability that lasts: Made from high-quality materials, these 3D stickers withstand wear and tear, ensuring your mecha's shine endures.
  • Compatibility across the 30MM universe: Works seamlessly with any 30MM kit, letting you customize your entire collection!

Ready to unlock the next level of mecha detailing? Grab the 30MM Customize Material (3D Metallic Stickers 2) today and watch your models transform into dazzling testaments to your creativity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these just regular stickers, or are they truly 3D?

These are not flat stickers, but have a raised, 3D layer sandwiched between the plastic backing and the metallic surface, giving them a dimensional feel and adding depth to your model details.

What colors are included in the set?

The set includes three vibrant colors: iridescent blue, vibrant purple, and sleek silver. These offer versatility for different accents and complement various 30MM color schemes.

Can I use these stickers on any part of my 30MM model?

Yes! While commonly used for sensors and weapons, they are highly versatile. Apply them to thrusters, joints, armor panels, visors, or even create your own unique designs – the possibilities are endless!

Are the stickers difficult to apply?

No, they are designed for easy application. Simply peel them off the backing and stick them onto your desired surface. No messy glues or complicated tools are needed.

Are these stickers compatible with all 30MM kits?

Absolutely! The universal design fits any 1/144 scale 30MM model, allowing you to customize your entire collection and unleash your creativity across them.

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