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Bandai Action Base 1 (Unicorn Version)

$11.00 USD
Unicorn's pedestal awaits! White & gold grace, poses galore. Grips firm, angles adjust. HG to MG welcome. Elevate your Gunpla, unleash V-Fin might.
Key features
  1. Universal Grip: From HGs to MGs, this base holds most 1/100 Gunpla in its secure grasp. U-shaped, peg, and screw-on options ensure your mobile suit stands tall, whether Unicorn or another valiant warrior.
  2. Dynamic Stance: Expand the telescopic pole and swivel the connecting arm for a range of poses. Recreate Unicorn's majestic flight or showcase any Gunpla's power from diverse angles, bringing your displays to life.
  3. V-Fin Flair: White and gold hues echo the Unicorn's elegance, and custom marking stickers add thematic touches. This base isn't just functional, it's a stylish stage for your Unicorn or any Gunpla to claim the spotlight.
Series FAQ

Bandai Action Base 1 (Unicorn Version)

Molded in black and white to match Unicorn Gundam's colour scheme, this Action Base is designed to hold Bandai's 1/100-scale MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka kit. It can also be used to hold other 1/100-scale models, 1/144-scale models, and kits from their HGUC, HG Gundam Seed, HG Gundam 00, MG, and Real Robot Revolution series.

Action Base 1 Unicorn Gundam Version is a plastic injection snap-fit assembly kit that requires very little work to assemble. No cement or paint required! The support pole has an ingenious locking mechanism that allows it to extend or retract and is strong enough to hold the main stand in place. The main stand itself can also be extended upwards to pose your kit in a much higher position. A sheet of custom marking stickers is included for use on the Action Base.

The set comes with three different sizes (8mm, 9mm, and 11mm) of U-shaped holders, peg-type holders, and screw-on type holders (two screws and a nut are included) for attaching the main stand to the crotch of the kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for models other than the Unicorn Gundam?

While designed for the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka, this Action Base boasts impressive versatility! It can hold most 1/100 scale Gunpla models, including those from the HGUC, HG Seed, HG 00, MG, and Real Robot Revolution series. Just check the compatibility information for your specific kit to be sure.

How does it secure the model?

Similar to the Sinanju Ver., it offers multiple attachment options: U-shaped holders: These cradle the crotch of the Gunpla for stable support, with different sizes included for wider compatibility. Peg-type holders: Injecting the peg into a designated hole on your model allows for dynamic posing at various angles. Screw-on type holder: For heavier models or extra stability, you can utilize the included screws and nut for a secure connection.

Can I adjust the stand's height and angle?

Absolutely! The support pole is telescopic, letting you extend it upwards for dramatic aerial poses or keep it lower for grounded stances. Additionally, the arm connecting the pole to the base swivels and tilts for further pose adjustments.

What makes it specifically "Unicorn Gundam Ver."?

The base itself features a sleek white and gold color scheme mimicking the Unicorn Gundam's iconic V-fin and psycho frame accents. Plus, it comes with custom marking stickers depicting the Unicorn's emblem and other details, adding a touch of thematic flair.

Is it worth buying for my Gunpla collection?

If you're looking for a sturdy and stylish display stand for your 1/100 scale models, especially if you're a Unicorn Gundam fan, then the Action Base 1 Unicorn Gundam Ver. is definitely worth considering. It provides excellent support, adjustable posing options, and a thematic aesthetic that elevates your Gunpla displays.