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Bandai Mobility Joint Gundam RX-93FF Nu Gundam & MSN-04FF Sazabi Set.

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No glue, pure GUNDAM fury! Posable Nu & Sazabi clash in Mobility Joint glory. Limited edition, ignite your rivalry!
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Key features
  1. Unleash Posing Prowess: Ditch static statues! Mobility Joint tech grants incredible articulation, letting you recreate Nu Gundam's heroic stances, Sazabi's menacing poses, and epic battle scenes with unmatched dynamism.
  2. Rivalry Reforged: Own the ultimate clash! This limited-edition set brings both Nu Gundam and Sazabi to life, complete with optional weapons and effects for staging iconic duels and fueling your Gundam fantasies.
  3. Pure Mobile Suit Mastery: Forget the gum, get straight to the action! This set focuses on articulation and display, offering a premium experience for collectors who crave poseable representations of these legendary mobile suits.
Series Assembly Guide FAQ

Bandai Mobility Joint Gundam RX-93FF Nu Gundam & MSN-04FF Sazabi Set.

Ignite the Flames of Rivalry: Own the Clash of Titans with the Mobility Joint Gundam RX-93FF Nu Gundam & MSN-04FF Sazabi Set!

Gundam fans, prepare to witness the ultimate showdown! Relive the epic clash between Amuro Ray's Nu Gundam and Char Aznable's Sazabi with this exhilarating set from the Mobility Joint series. No pesky gum here, just pure, unadulterated mobile suit mastery!


  • Posing the Nu Gundam in its heroic stance, beam saber poised to strike down its crimson nemesis.
  • Unleashing the fury of the Sazabi's Funnels, their deadly dance a whirlwind of blue against red.
  • Recreating iconic scenes from Zeta Gundam or forging your own epic battles, the possibilities are endless!

This isn't just a set, it's an experience. It's a testament to the enduring legacy of Gundam, a celebration of the rivalry that fueled a generation. It's the perfect gift for any Gundam fanatic (or, ahem, yourself!).

But wait, there's more! Both mobile suits boast superior articulation thanks to the innovative Mobility Joint system. Every pose, every action, is brought to life with unparalleled dynamism. Plus, the set comes with an array of optional parts and weapons, allowing you to customize your display and ignite your imagination.

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Assembly Guide

Skill Level.1. Most adults & children can assemble Skill Level 1 kits with little to no difficulty. Very basic hobby tools are recommended including a pair of nippers, a hobby knife, but are not essential. No Glue is needed for these kits. Kits are all snap together build and most parts can be removed by twisting and pushing without the need to snip with nippers.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are a snap together assembly and do not need plastic cement to complete. We always recommend having some plastic cement handy as a part of your modeler's tool kit. If you prefer to fix your model in a particular pose then plastic cement will work. Plastic cement is also perfect to use if a joint is loose. Apply plastic cement in a single thin layer and allow it to dry completely before test fitting. Re-apply more cement if necessary.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are designed to be built and displayed without the need for painting. Kits are molded in different colours replicating the colours of the actual mecha from the Gundam series. A technique called colour separation, where multiple parts of the model are molded in different colours on the same sprue is also used. Gundam kits often include stickers or water-slide decals that can be applied to the model to enhance its appearance. Some Gunpla kits come with pre-painted parts or parts with pre-applied details, such as metallic or translucent finishes.

Many modelers still choose to paint their kits to customize and add further detail. Painting allows for more creativity and personalization, enabling modelers to achieve unique effects, weathering, and colour schemes that may not be available out of the box. However, the kits are designed to be enjoyable and visually appealing even without painting, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Nu Gundam and Sazabi figures already assembled, or do they require building?

These figures come fully assembled and ready to pose and display! No building required, just unleash your inner Gundam pilot right away.

How poseable are the figures thanks to the Mobility Joint system?

Highly poseable! The Mobility Joint system boasts numerous articulation points, allowing for dynamic action poses, weapon wielding, and recreating iconic scenes with impressive accuracy.

What optional parts and weapons are included in the set?

Specific details may vary depending on the retailer, but the set typically includes beam sabers, shields, Funnels for the Sazabi, and effect parts for recreating special attacks.

Is this set limited edition, or will it be available indefinitely?

Availability can vary, but many "without gum" versions are released in limited quantities. Check the retailer's information to confirm stock and potential limited edition status.

Do the figures require any batteries for LED lights or other features?

This specific set typically doesn't have LED lights or other battery-powered features. It focuses on high articulation and poseability for dynamic display.

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