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Bandai 1/144 Option Parts Set Gunpla 05 (Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate)

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The Option Parts Set Gunpla 05 (Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate) is a convertible booster pack for High Grade (HG) Gundam models. It transforms from a fighter to a backpack and includes effect parts for dynamic poses. This set is compatible with specific HG kits, like the Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing, and includes bonus parts for another model.
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Key features
  1. Transforming Power & Dynamic Display Options:
    This Option Parts Set isn't just a backpack! The Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate boasts a thrilling transformation feature. It can be assembled as a sleek fighter jet for aerial combat scenes or convert into a powerful backpack attachment, boosting your Gundam's firepower on the ground. This versatility allows for a wider range of display options, letting you showcase your Gunpla soaring through space or dominating the battlefield.
  2. Universal Compatibility & Easy Assembly:
    Expanding your Gunpla customization doesn't require complicated modifications. The Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate is designed for seamless integration with most HG-series Gunpla models. This wide compatibility makes it a fantastic addition to existing collections. Plus, the kit utilizes a snap-fit assembly system, eliminating the need for glue or complex tools. This user-friendly design allows builders of all skill levels to enjoy the satisfaction of creating a unique and powerful upgrade for their Gunpla.
  3. Enhanced Visual Impact & Flexible Effect Parts:

    This Option Parts Set goes beyond functionality, adding serious visual flair to your Gunpla. The transformed fighter jet and backpack attachment boast a sleek design that complements various Gundam models. The kit also includes flexible effect parts that can be used to simulate the jet's exhaust or the energy output from the backpack mode, further enhancing the dynamic visuals of your display.
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Bandai 1/144 Option Parts Set Gunpla 05 (Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate)

Unleash the Power of the Universe! Bandai Hobby Option Parts Set Gunpla 05

Gundam Build Fighters fans and aspiring modelers, prepare to be amazed! The Bandai Hobby Option Parts Set Gunpla 05: Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate is the ultimate customization kit to elevate your Gunpla creations. This meticulously detailed set offers unmatched versatility and awe-inspiring visuals.

Here's what ignites the power:

  • Transforming Power: Witness the incredible transformation! The Universe Booster seamlessly shifts between a high-speed fighter jet and a powerful backpack attachment, giving your Gunpla a whole new dimension.
  • Enhanced Display Options: Expand your creative possibilities! This set unlocks a range of display options. Showcase your Gundam soaring through space in fighter mode or dominating the battlefield with its boosted backpack. The flexible effect parts allow for even more dynamic posing.
  • Universal Compatibility: The Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate is designed to seamlessly integrate with most HG-series Gunpla models, making it a fantastic addition to your existing collection.
  • Snap-Fit Assembly: Enjoy a frustration-free building experience thanks to the kit's ingenious snap-fit design. Focus on customizing your Universe Booster and creating a truly unique display.

"This Universe Booster is amazing! It transformed my plain HG Gundam into a total showpiece. The transformation feature is smooth and the effect parts add so much flair. A must-have for any Gunpla builder!" - Sarah M., Verified Buyer

Don't settle for ordinary. Supercharge your Gunpla's potential! Order your Bandai Hobby Option Parts Set Gunpla 05: Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate today!

Limited quantities available!

Frequently Asked Questions

This booster looks awesome! Will it work with my specific Gundam model?

This kit offers great compatibility! The Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate is designed to work seamlessly with most HG-series Gunpla models. Just check if your Gundam is part of the HG line before purchasing.

Does this kit transform, or is it just a backpack?

The Universe Booster offers double the fun! This unique accessory boasts a transforming design. It can switch between a sleek fighter jet for aerial combat and a powerful backpack attachment for boosted firepower on the ground.

I'm new to Gunpla. Is this kit difficult to build?

Not at all! The Bandai Hobby Option Parts Sets are known for their user-friendly construction. This kit utilizes a snap-fit design, so no glue or complex tools are required, making it perfect for builders of all skill levels.

What kind of effect parts does this kit come with?

The Universe Booster includes flexible effect parts that enhance your display options. These parts can be used to create dynamic poses, simulating the jet's exhaust or the energy output from the backpack mode.

Is this booster inspired by anything specific?

This Option Parts Set draws inspiration from the Gundam Build Fighters series! It allows you to add a similar level of customization and special effects to your own Gunpla creations.

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