Bandai SD Gundam Cross Silhoutte Booster (White)


New parts to extend the range and fun of SDCS kits! Includes new hand, thigh, and arm parts. Also includes GM head! Runner x 1, sticker, Instruction Manual.

 By combining this set of parts with the existing Cross Silhouette Frame releases, you can further change the proportions of the kits to your liking! This set includes additional hand parts, expansion parts for the arms and legs, and thigh parts especially for the SDCS Zaku II! You can also use parts from this set, the SDCS Gundam, and the GM Head from the CS Frame to make a GM!

SKU: 5057615

Bandai SD Gundam Cross Silhoutte Booster (White) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.