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Gundam 30 Minutes Mission Marker Basic Set (6 pieces)

$20.00 USD
Customize your 30MM models with essential markers. Includes mechanical gray, gold, silver, gunmetal, meta green, and black. Water-based for easy application.
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Key features
  • Essential Markers for 30MM Customization: Elevate your 30 MINUTES MISSIONS (30MM) model kits with this versatile marker set, providing the tools to add color, enhance details, and create personalized designs.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Expand your creative possibilities with six essential markers, including mechanical gray for base coats, gold and silver for accent details, gunmetal for metallic accents, meta green for energy effects, and black for panel lining and weathering.
  • Easy-to-Use Water-Based Markers: Experience the convenience and control of water-based markers, allowing for smooth application, blending, and dilution to achieve desired effects.
Series FAQ

Gundam 30 Minutes Mission Marker Basic Set (6 pieces)

This paint marker set was made especially for your "30 Minutes Missions" (30MM) figures and mecha!

The set includes colours that can be used for both the Earth Allied Forces and the Byron Forces' aircraft colours.

You can unify the colouring of the aircraft assembled with various parts, or change the colour of the aircraft to the specifications of the captured aircraft, this product allows a wide range of ways to play.

Set Includes:-

  • White (flat tip)
  • Blue-Purple (flat tip)
  • Green(flat tip)
  • Dark Khaki Green (flat tip)
  • Dark Grey (flat tip)
  • Sumi Pen Grey (fine tip)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this marker set?

The 30MINUTES MISSIONS Marker Basic Set is specifically designed for customizing and detailing 30 MINUTES MISSIONS (30MM) model kits. It provides a variety of essential markers for adding color, weathering, and other effects to your 30MM models.

What kind of markers are included in the set?

The set includes six markers: Mechanical Gray (flat tip): This marker is ideal for adding a uniform base coat of gray to your 30MM models. Gold (fine tip): This marker is perfect for adding gold accents to your models, such as weapons, armor details, and insignia. Silver (fine tip): This marker is similar to the gold marker, but it provides a shiny silver finish for detailing weapons, armor, and other components. Gunmetal (flat tip): This marker is useful for adding a dark metallic gray finish to weapons, armor, and mechanical parts. Meta Green (fine tip): This marker is great for adding green accents to your models, such as energy effects, glowing sensors, and cockpit interiors. Black (flat tip): This marker is essential for adding panel lines, shading, and other weathering effects to your models.

Are these markers easy to use?

The 30MINUTES MISSIONS Marker Basic Set uses water-based markers, which are generally considered to be easy to use. They are applied directly to the surface of your model and can be blended or diluted with water to achieve the desired effect.

Are these markers compatible with other model kits besides 30MM?

Yes, these markers can be used on other model kits besides 30MM. They are suitable for a variety of plastic model kits, including Gundam model kits, other mecha kits, and even military vehicles and aircraft.

Are these markers durable?

The 30MINUTES MISSIONS Marker Basic Set uses high-quality markers that are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Once applied, the colors will adhere well to the surface of your models and resist fading or chipping.

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