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Plex Mobile Suit Gundam Sound Warrior Gundam Premium

$52.99 AUD
Unleash the excitement of the Gundam universe with this electrifying figure featuring authentic sound effects! With dynamic posability from head to toe, it's perfect for recreating iconic moments or inventing your own epic battles. Hear the beam rifle roar and feel the sheer power as you pose this Gundam figure in high-octane stances. Don't just collect; engage all your senses with this outstanding addition to your Gundam collection. Order yours today for an awe-inspiring experience!
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Key features
  • Accurate and faithful design:The action figure is highly detailed and accurately captures the design of the Sound Warrior Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam series.
  • Sound effect gimmick: The action figure features a sound effect gimmick that recreates the sounds of the Sound Warrior Gundam in action. This adds a touch of realism and dynamism to the figure.
  • Wide range of articulation: The action figure has a wide range of articulation, allowing you to pose it in a variety of dynamic ways. This makes it a great choice for both display and play.
Series Assembly Guide FAQ

Plex Mobile Suit Gundam Sound Warrior Gundam Premium

Engage your senses with this electrifying Gundam figure!

Relive the excitement of the iconic anime series with this awe-inspiring Gundam figure, featuring authentic sound effects from the show! With its movable neck, shoulders, arms, and legs, you can pose it in dynamic action poses that will bring your favorite scenes to life.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Hear the roar of Gundam's beam rifle as you blast away your enemies.
  • Feel the power of Gundam's fists as you punch through solid steel.
  • Witness the incredible speed of Gundam as you dodge enemy attacks and counter with devastating blows.

This Gundam figure is the perfect way to show off your love of the series and add a touch of excitement to your collection. Order yours today!

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Assembly Guide

Skill Level.2 Basic modeling skills are required. Parental supervision may be required for younger children. These kits are generally suitable for beginner builders. A basic set of modeling tools are required including nippers, hobby knife, sanding sticks/paper, file, and tweezers. No glue is needed for the general assembly. Parts will need to be removed by using a pair of nippers and cutting the part away from the runner. Parts may require clean-up where they were removed from the runner.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are a snap together assembly and do not need plastic cement to complete. We always recommend having some plastic cement handy as a part of your modeler's tool kit. If you prefer to fix your model in a particular pose then plastic cement will work. Plastic cement is also perfect to use if a joint is loose. Apply plastic cement in a single thin layer and allow it to dry completely before test fitting. Re-apply more cement if necessary.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are designed to be built and displayed without the need for painting. Kits are molded in different colours replicating the colours of the actual mecha from the Gundam series. A technique called colour separation, where multiple parts of the model are molded in different colours on the same sprue is also used. Gundam kits often include stickers or water-slide decals that can be applied to the model to enhance its appearance. Some Gunpla kits come with pre-painted parts or parts with pre-applied details, such as metallic or translucent finishes.

Many modelers still choose to paint their kits to customize and add further detail. Painting allows for more creativity and personalization, enabling modelers to achieve unique effects, weathering, and colour schemes that may not be available out of the box. However, the kits are designed to be enjoyable and visually appealing even without painting, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scale of the action figure?

The action figure is in 1/144 scale, which means that it is 144 times smaller than the real thing.

What materials is the action figure made of?

The action figure is made of ABS, PVC, and POM. ABS is a durable plastic that is often used in action figures. PVC is a lightweight and soft plastic that is also used in action figures. POM is a lightweight and strong plastic that is used to add weight and stability to the figure.

What accessories does the action figure come with?

The action figure comes with a number of accessories, including: Beam saber (x4) Beam rifle Shield Sound effect gimmick

Is the action figure poseable?

Yes, the action figure is fully poseable. It has joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.

What are some of the key features of the action figure?

The action figure is highly detailed and features a number of key features, including: Accurate and faithful design of the Sound Warrior Gundam Sound effect gimmick that recreates the sounds of the Sound Warrior Gundam in action Wide range of articulation for dynamic posing

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