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GodHand SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0

$100.99 AUD
Modeler's dream! Ultimate Nipper 5.0: Single-blade precision cuts, comfy grip, top-notch steel. Elevate your builds, say goodbye to stress marks. Invest in perfection.
Key features

1. Precision Surgeon for Plastic:

  • Single-blade design: Minimizes friction and white marks, delivering clean cuts like a scalpel, ideal for delicate model kit parts and precise angles.
  • Superior SPN-120 steel: Exceptional sharpness and long-lasting performance, effortlessly gliding through sprue without stressing the model.
  • Precise cutting angle: Ensures clean, flush cuts every time, minimizing the need for additional sanding or cleanup.

2. Effortless Control and Comfort:

  • Ergonomic masterpiece: Sculpted handles fit your hand snugly, reducing fatigue and allowing for extended use without cramping.
  • Lightweight balance: Feels effortlessly maneuverable, granting precise control over every cut, even for intricate details.
  • Spring-assisted action: Smooth and responsive, requiring minimal force, making long cutting sessions a breeze.

3. Investment in Model-Making Excellence:

  • Premium build quality: Durable construction for lasting use, a true investment in your hobby.
  • Elevated cutting experience: Elevate your model-making to a new level with professional-grade precision and control.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Renowned brand reputation and positive user reviews speak for its quality and performance.
Key features
  • Design & Articulation: The HG Barbatos is praised for its sleek design, capturing the unique aesthetics of the Barbatos as seen in the anime.
  • Customization: One of Barbatos's charms is its adaptability. The HG kit includes various weapons and parts, allowing builders to customize the mobile suit to their preference
  • Ease of Build: the HG kit offers a straightforward build experience. It's suitable for both newcomers to Gundam model building and seasoned enthusiasts looking for a fun and satisfying project

GodHand SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0

The legend of the modelling world the most precisely engineered and crafted single sided nipper. They certainly live up to their name. 

Not for your day to removal of parts from your runners. These nippers are designed to be used for finishing and leave next to no stress marks in the plastic.

Precision nipper SPN-120.
Protection Cap included.
For plastic models and gate cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between single-sided and standard nippers?

Single-sided nippers have one sharp blade and one flat side, offering super-clean cuts with less stress on the plastic. Standard nippers have two cutting edges, and while they're great for general cutting, they might not be as precise as single-sided ones.

Are pricier nippers always better quality?

While pricier nippers often use better steel and forging techniques, which can lead to a cleaner cut and longer lifespan, what's essential is how they fit your needs and budget.

How do I maintain and care for my nippers?

Keep them clean, wipe off any plastic residue after use, and store them in a protective case. Occasionally, oiling the joint can keep the action smooth.

Can I use the same nippers for all types of plastic and model kits?

While you can, using specialised nippers like single-sided ones can yield better results for precision cuts. We don't recommend the single sided nipper for cutting parts from sprues, there role is for final trimming. Always choose the right tool for the job!

How often should I replace my nippers?

It depends on usage. High-quality nippers, when cared for, can last years. If they start to dull or don't cut cleanly, it's time to consider a new pair or sharpening (we don't recommend trying to sharpen nippers yourself this will likely end in disaster)

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Brett O'Hara (Brisbane, AU)
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Comments: It’s nice
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Likes: Nice in hand. Ease of use. Nice finish

These are premium, really good to get that nice finish.