Gundam Marker -  Fine Edge Set
Gundam Marker - Brush Type Black

Gundam Marker - Advanced Set


This is a newer marker set for later GUNPLA. Mr Hobby investigated and pursued latest and accurate colour of GUNDAM, also each markers can be used for various GUNPLA because these are almost basic colours such as white, blue and red.

Contents of Set:-

  • GM166 Gundam New White: A brighter version of GM11 that covers the base colour more effectively.
  • GM167 Gundam Red Gold: Gold that features a red base, giving it a brighter, more vibrant appearance than GM04.
  • GM168 Gundam Light Blue: A more vibrant blue, similar (but not exactly) that of the G-Self.
  • GM169 Gundam Purple: Purple designed to match that of the traditional Hi-Nu Gundam.
  • GM170 Titans Blue: Dark blue that matches Titans colours.
  • GM171 Char Pink 2: Pink designed to match that of more recent Char Custom suits, like those from Gundam the Origin.



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