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Gundam Marker - Advanced Set

$29.99 AUD
Expand your Gundam model detailing with a comprehensive marker set and essential accessories for precision and control. Master advanced painting techniques to create stunningly realistic models.
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Key features
  1. Expanded Marker Variety and Tips: Elevate your Gundam model kits with a comprehensive collection of ultra-fine, fine-tip, flat, gloss, metallic, watercolor, and Gundam Real Touch markers to achieve intricate details, nuanced finishes, and realistic textures.
  2. Essential Accessories for Precision and Control: Enhance your detailing experience with a range of accessories, including marker caps, a marker cleaner, a blending palette, cotton swabs, and a marker holder, ensuring precise application, effortless blending, and organized storage.
  3. Master Advanced Painting Techniques: Elevate your Gundam modeling skills with an expanded toolkit for more complex and nuanced painting techniques, enabling you to create stunningly realistic and detailed models.
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Series FAQ

Gundam Marker - Advanced Set

This is a newer marker set for later GUNPLA. Mr Hobby investigated and pursued latest and accurate colour of GUNDAM, also each markers can be used for various GUNPLA because these are almost basic colours such as white, blue and red.

Contents of Set:-

  • GM166 Gundam New White: A brighter version of GM11 that covers the base colour more effectively.
  • GM167 Gundam Red Gold: Gold that features a red base, giving it a brighter, more vibrant appearance than GM04.
  • GM168 Gundam Light Blue: A more vibrant blue, similar (but not exactly) that of the G-Self.
  • GM169 Gundam Purple: Purple designed to match that of the traditional Hi-Nu Gundam.
  • GM170 Titans Blue: Dark blue that matches Titans colours.
  • GM171 Char Pink 2: Pink designed to match that of more recent Char Custom suits, like those from Gundam the Origin.

Gundam Markers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Gundam Marker Advanced Set?

The Gundam Marker Advanced Set is designed for more experienced Gundam model builders who want to achieve a higher level of detail and realism on their models. It includes a wider variety of colors, tips, and accessories than the basic Gundam Marker sets, allowing for more complex and nuanced painting techniques.

What kind of markers are included in the Gundam Marker Advanced Set?

The specific contents of the Gundam Marker Advanced Set may vary depending on the retailer, but it typically includes a variety of marker types, such as: Ultra-fine markers for precise details and panel lining Fine-tip markers for more general detailing Flat markers for creating a matte finish Gloss markers for creating a glossy finish Metallic markers for adding metallic accents Watercolor markers for creating soft, translucent effects Gundam Real Touch Markers for simulating realistic textures

What accessories are included in the Gundam Marker Advanced Set?

The Gundam Marker Advanced Set may also include a variety of accessories, such as: Marker caps for protecting the tips of the markers A marker cleaner for removing mistakes and excess paint A blending palette for mixing colors Cotton swabs for applying and blending paint A marker holder for organizing your markers

Is the Gundam Marker Advanced Set easy to use?

The Gundam Marker Advanced Set is designed for experienced model builders, so it may require some practice and technique to use effectively. However, the set includes detailed instructions and tips to help you get started.

Is the Gundam Marker Advanced Set worth the price?

The Gundam Marker Advanced Set is a premium product, so it is more expensive than the basic Gundam Marker sets. However, if you are serious about taking your Gundam modeling to the next level, the Advanced Set is a worthwhile investment.

Customer Reviews

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Simple and easy to use markers

Brian Suters (Sydney, AU)
Gender: Male
Comments: The gundam markers worked fantastic and were exactly what i needed.
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: It was easy to use and far more convenient than painting.
First time using markers

The gundam markers worked great, they were the colours i wanted, far easier and faster to use than painting and more convenient to store. Highly recommend if you're wanting to do some quick custom colours on your gunpla or are just starting out.