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Exciting NEW Gundam Package Artwork Released February

Gundam February New Releases Bring Fantasy & Battle to Life!

Exciting NEW Gundam Package Artwork Released February package artwork

Step into a realm where creativity meets the cosmos, where legendary battles are reborn, and tropical paradises await your touch. Gundam Express Australia is thrilled to unveil three mesmerizing new releases that promise to ignite the imaginations of both new and seasoned builders alike. Each kit, with its unique allure and detailed package artwork, beckons you to embark on a building journey like no other.

First, let the Chuatury Panlunch from "The Witch from Mercury" series cast its spell on you. This model isn't just a kit, it's a portal to a universe where magic and mecha intertwine. With its sophisticated design and the ethereal beauty captured on its packaging, the Chuatury Panlunch stands as a testament to the enchanting power of Mercury's witchcraft. Its dynamic pose against a cosmic backdrop will allure builders into the depths of its mystique. A must-have for any Witch fan!


Next, the Black Knight Squad Shi-ve-A from "Gundam Seed Freedom" awaits to pledge its allegiance to your collection. This isn't merely a model, it's a symbol of valor and prowess. The Shi-ve-A, depicted on its packaging in the heat of battle, embodies the sleek and formidable nature of the Black Knights. It's an invitation to experience the thrill of the Seed series through a build that is both a challenge and a tribute to the saga's enduring legacy.

Finally, the Beargguy Ohana & Aloharo Set from "Gundam Build Metaverse" offers a vibrant escape to builders with a penchant for adventure and whimsy. This set is more than models; it's a celebration of imagination, featuring the Beargguy duo in a package that radiates joy and invites you into a tropical paradise. Perfect for those seeking a splash of colour and a dose of fun, this set promises to bring the warmth of the tropics to your collection.

Each of these kits, with their captivating package art and unique themes, stands ready to inspire your next building venture. Whether drawn to the mystic allure of mercury, the valor of battle, or the joy of a tropical escape, there's something special waiting for you at Gundam Express Australia. Share the excitement, spread the word, and dive into the build that calls to you. The adventure begins now.