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Bandai 1/144 GD-108 HG Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta/ZZ Multiuse Set 1 Waterslide Decals

$6.00 USD
Unleash Z & ZZ Gundam's full potential with Gundam Decal No. 108! Pre-cut water-slide decals add detail, authenticity, and personalization for both models. (149 characters)
Key features

1. Enhanced Detail and Realism:

  • Pre-cut water-slide decals: Seamlessly apply to enhance details without the hassle of manual cutting.
  • Detailed caution markings, unit numbers, and logos: Add realism and personalize your Z Gundam or ZZ Gundam with authentic markings and affiliation logos.
  • Precise panel line decals: Elevate the model's intricate panel lines, creating a sharper and more visually striking appearance.

2. Customizable and Versatile:

  • Variety of decals: Choose specific decals to emphasize desired details or customize your Z or ZZ Gundam's overall appearance.
  • Multiple applications: Decals are applicable to both Z and ZZ Gundam model kits, offering flexibility in your customization.
  • Adaptable for other kits (with adjustments): Leftover decals can potentially be used with other compatible 1/144 scale models for further customization possibilities.

3. Improved Build Experience and Stunning Display:

  • Simplified application process: Enhance your Z or ZZ Gundam with intricate details without requiring advanced painting techniques.
  • Elevated visual appeal: Transform your model into a visually stunning display piece with increased detail and realism.
  • Enhanced sense of accomplishment: Take pride in your personalized Z or ZZ Gundam model, showcasing your artistic expression and skill.
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Series FAQ

Bandai 1/144 GD-108 HG Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta/ZZ Multiuse Set 1 Waterslide Decals

Not every kit comes with water slide (water transfer) decals, but Bandai has released ones to go with select model kits separately!  This set contains decals for the HGUC ZZ Gundam and Zeta Gundam Revive, as well as the RE/100 Bawoo!

Application Process:

  1. Cut out desired decal.
  2. Dip decal and backing in water. Leave submerged 10-30 seconds.
  3. Remove decal from water with tweezers.
  4. Gently lift decal off of paper backing with tweezers.
  5. Place decal in desired location on model, adjusting with cotton swab if necessary.
  6. Apply Mark Setter or Mark Softer as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What scale are the decals in this set?

These decals are 1/144 scale, designed specifically for the Mobile Suit Gundam Z Gundam and Gundam ZZ model kits.

Are the decals pre-cut?

Yes, the decals are pre-cut for easy application. This eliminates the need for manual cutting and saves you time during the application process.

What types of decals are included?

The set includes various water-slide decals, including: Panel line decals: Enhance the definition and depth of the model's panel lines. Caution markings and unit numbers: Increase realism and personalize your Z Gundam or ZZ with authentic markings and designation numbers. Logos and emblems: Add iconic Earth Federation and AEUG logos for further customization. Markings for specific parts: Decals for the beam rifle, shields, and other components.

Are there enough decals for both Z Gundam and ZZ Gundam?

The set includes enough decals for both models, allowing you to customize and personalize each one.

Can I use these decals with other model kits besides Z Gundam and ZZ Gundam?

These decals are designed specifically for Z and ZZ Gundam, but you may be able to use some of them with other 1/144 scale model kits if the sizes are compatible. However, some modifications might be necessary for proper fit and placement.