Bandai 1/100 Gundam Gusion/ Gusion Rebake

The Gusion is a massive suit regardless of scale, and this kit is going to showcase all of its impressive power! It comes with the hammer and submachine gun for the Gusion itself, but it doesn't stop there; the entire armor setup of the Gusion Rebake is also included, so you can build the suit in whichever form you want! It's 2 for 1!

**NOTE: This kit includes 1 frame and 2 armour sets; both forms cannot be built at the same time!**
  • A new Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 1/100 kit can be built as either the Gundam Gusion or the Gundam Gusion Rebake!
  • Choose which set of armour parts to build onto its frame!
  • The Gusion armor features opening hatches and hardpoints for the Gusion Hammer.
  • The Rebake includes a hidden arm in its backpack and an alternate jaw for targeting mode!
  • Weapons for both forms are also included!
  • Appeared new Gundam frame aircraft Gundam ing Zion 1/100 line-up!
  • 1/100 series internal structural frame, which is a feature of the course, also reproduce massive external armour.
  • Armour of back deployment. You can mount a huge ing Zion hammer.
  • Various armed also included! Ing Zion hammer, sub-machine gun, comes armed parts of the other two points.
  • This in addition to mounting a further gimmick specification of play value packed!
  • Accessories:  Sion hammer, sub-machine gun
SKU: 55786

Bandai 1/100 Gundam Gusion/ Gusion Rebake is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.