Bandai 1/100 MG 00 Raiser Celestial Being GN-0000+GNR-010

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The 00 Raiser has previously been released in plamo form as a High Grade kit, a Perfect Grade kit, and even as a super-deformed kit. Now they’ve finally done it in MG! The inner frame is adopted to not only 00 Gundam, but also to the 0 Raiser. This kit is big for a Master Grade, probably because it’s two kits in one! Included are the 0 Raiser, GN Sword III, two GN Sword IIs, the GN Shield, and effect parts for all of them! There’s also a light emitting gimmick; Lighting GN can be recreated by using the included LED unit. There are five total light emitting points, but only one LED unit is included.

Includes 1 Gunpla Green LED Unit without batteries.
A long-awaited release, the 00 Raiser has finally joined the MG series!
The inner frame structures are adopted not only to 00 Gundam, but also some of the parts of O Raiser.
The cockpit block can be opened with a gimmick.
The O Raiser Binder has a gimmick for opening and closing.
You can reproduce the scene of luminous GN particle with included LED unit.
The weapons, GN shield and GN sword II and GN beam saber and so on, are newly designed.
Includes the GN particle storage tank.
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