Bandai 1/100 MG RX-78 Gundam (Gundam the Origin Ver)


The classic RX-78-02 is back!  This time it’s styled as “The Origin” version from the popular manga comic "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.”  This new Master Grade release features a new shoulder cannon as well a more flexible waist and legs. Effect parts for the gatling gun muzzle flash as well as a firing missile are also included.  An amazingly engineered snapfit kit molded in multiple colours, with excellent peel-off stick-on markings.

Its pelvis slides with four degrees of freedom, its ankles are redesigned for added stability and flexibility, and its range of mobility redefines what models are capable of!
New fixed weaponry like its chest-mounted vulcan uses clear parts in places for added impact on display.
Its armament also includes its shoulder cannon and more, and an LED unit (sold separately) can illuminate its camera eye!


SKU: 5062847

Customer Reviews

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Brandon (Adelaide, AU)
Gender: Male
Comments: Good accessories and effects, good articulation, unique design
NPS score:
RX-78-2 does the Origin ver justice

A very good build. Solid points of articulation, lot of detail for panel lining, especially in the legs, effects for the shoulder gatlings, wrist cannon and missile section on the other shoulder. A must get for builders who want the RX-78-2 before it got the Core Block.

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