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Bandai SD BB NU Gundam

$17.00 USD
Gray blasts & flying debris! Tamashii Impact Gray Ver. preps your figures for epic battles. Neutral shades, instant drama. Unleash the action!
Key features
  1. Explosive Versatility: From epic blasts to scattered debris, this pre-assembled set adds instant action and drama to your figure displays in various sizes.
  2. Neutral Power: Gray shades blend seamlessly with any figure theme, letting the explosions and debris enhance your scenes without clashing with vibrant colors.
  3. Easy Impact: No assembly required! Just attach and unleash the fury, instantly transforming your static stand into a dynamic battleground for your figures.
Series FAQ

Bandai SD BB NU Gundam

Another adorably intimidating addition has been made to the BB line, this time the ever-popular Nu Gundam! 

  • The hero MS from the "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" re-emerges as a BB Senshi.
  • Comes with the movable funnel and effect parts that allow you to recreate battle scenes.
  • Eyes' expression can be changed to your choice, with or without pupil.
  • The Base Jabber type 89 is included. Nu Gundam can be mounted on it.
  • Also includes the new hyper bazooka, beam rifle and beam saber, etc.
  • Runner x6, Foil sticker x1, Tetron sticker x1, Instruction manual x1

Tamashii Nations

Step into the world of Tamashii Nations, a brand deeply rooted in Japanese craftsmanship, offering fully-assembled figures for collectors. Born in Tokyo's Asakusa district and a proud division of Bandai, Tamashii Nations has grown to be a global brand, available in 20 countries. Beyond products, they captivate fans through the...

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Tamashii Nations

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of effects does it create?

This isn't just a stand! The Tamashii Effect Impact Gray Ver. is a versatile set of pre-assembled explosion and debris effects that enhance the action on your figure displays. You can create: Explosive impacts: Choose from various sizes and shapes of blast clouds to recreate epic fight scenes, dramatic entrances, or powerful attacks. Flying debris: Elevate the realism with scattered rocks, concrete fragments, and smoke wisps that add a sense of movement and destruction to your displays. Dynamic posing: Position the effects around your figures to emphasize action poses, creating a sense of intense energy and movement.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! Simply attach the chosen effect pieces to your figure stand or directly onto the base. The pre-assembled nature makes it quick and convenient to add instant impact to your displays.

What colors are included?

The "Gray Ver." features various shades of gray for a neutral and versatile look. This allows the effects to blend seamlessly with a wide range of figure colors and themes, from sci-fi battles to urban fantasy scenes.

Can I use it with different figure scales?

The Tamashii Effect Impact Gray Ver. offers a variety of sizes to cater to different figure scales. Smaller pieces work well with Figuarts Mini or Nendoroid figures, while larger blasts and debris are perfect for standard S.H. Figuarts or other 6-inch action figures.

Is it worth the price?

That depends on your needs and budget. If you're looking for a convenient and versatile way to add dynamic action and realism to your figure displays, the Tamashii Effect Impact Gray Ver. is a worthwhile investment. Its neutral color scheme, variety of sizes, and ease of use make it a popular choice for figure photographers and enthusiasts alike.