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Bandai 1/144 GD-121 Age Gundam Waterslide Decals

$10.99 AUD
Bring your AGE-1 to life with Gundam Decal No.121! Pre-cut water-slide decals add detail, authenticity, and personalization for a stunning display.
Key features

1. Enhanced Detail and Authenticity:

  • Pre-cut water-slide decals: Apply seamlessly to elevate model details without the hassle of manual cutting.
  • Detailed caution markings and unit numbers: Increase realism and personalize your AGE-1 with authentic markings and designation.
  • Precise panel line decals: Sharpen the definition and depth of the model's intricate panel lines for a visually striking appearance.

2. Customization and Personalized Touch:

  • Variety of decals: Choose specific decals to highlight desired details or personalize the overall look of your AGE-1.
  • Iconic logos and emblems: Add individuality to your model with recognizable Earth Federation and AGE-1 specific logos.
  • Adaptability for other AGE-1 variations (with adjustment): Leftover decals might be adaptable to other 1/144 AGE-1 models, expanding customization possibilities.

3. Improved Build Experience and Stunning Display:

  • Simplified decal application: Enhance your AGE-1 with intricate details without requiring advanced painting techniques.
  • Elevated visual appeal: Transform your model into a visually stunning display piece with increased detail and realism.
  • Enhanced sense of accomplishment: Take pride in your personalized AGE-1 model, showcasing your artistic expression and skill.
Series FAQ

Bandai 1/144 GD-121 Age Gundam Waterslide Decals

Not every kit comes with water slide (water transfer) decals, but Bandai has released ones to go with select model kits separately!  This is a set of Gundam Decals for the 1/144  Mobile Suit Gundam AGE series.

Application Process:

  1. Cut out desired decal.
  2. Dip decal and backing in water. Leave submerged 10-30 seconds.
  3. Remove decal from water with tweezers.
  4. Gently lift decal off of paper backing with tweezers.
  5. Place decal in desired location on model, adjusting with cotton swab if necessary.
  6. Apply Mark Setter or Mark Softer as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What scale are the decals in this set?

These decals are 1/144 scale, specifically designed for the 1/144 scale Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 1 model kit.

Are the decals pre-cut?

Yes, the decals are pre-cut for easy application, saving you time and effort during the process.

What types of decals are included?

The set includes a variety of water-slide decals, including: Caution markings and unit numbers: Add realism and personalize your AGE 1 with authentic markings and designation numbers. Logos and emblems: Enhance the model's visual appeal with iconic Earth Federation and AGE-1 specific logos. Markings for specific parts: Decals for the beam rifle, shield, and other components. Panel line decals: Emphasize the definition and depth of the model's panel lines.

Will these decals work with any AGE-1 model kit?

While designed for the standard 1/144 AGE-1 model kit, some decals might be adaptable to other AGE-1 variations depending on their specific features and design differences.

Are there any special tools needed for applying the decals?

While not essential, using hobby tools like tweezers and a hobby knife can improve precision and control during application. Additionally, a decal setter and softener can be helpful for ensuring proper adhesion and eliminating wrinkles.