Bandai 1/144 HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B


Packed with a good balance of defensive and offensive equipment for the final battle in the second season of the "Gundam 00" anime, Seravee Gundam GNHW/B is now offered as a HG snap-fit plastic kit from Bandai! The Mobile Suit comes molded in colour and will be fully articulated with polycapped joints upon completion. Includes a pair of GN Bazooka II, four GN Cannons, and four GN Field Generators. The GN Cannons on its waist and the GN Field Generators can slide open. GN Cannons on Seravee Gundam's waist and the included GN Beam Machine Gun can be used on HG Seraphim Gundam (sold separately). A sheet of foil stickers is included.

- Last armed sorties in Seravee Gundam HG!
- Fitted with eight armed parts added. Equipped with particle storage tank GN. Four planes of shoulders and legs
Reproduce the particle emission during the opening and closing gimmick GN.
- Reproduce the gimmick bazooka deployment of the side armour. Can be attached to HG Seraphim Gundam.
- GN beam machine gun for Seraphim included.
- Adding armed part of the side armor and Canon bazooka
Can be attached to HG Seraphim Gundam.

Accessories: Add vernier × × enhancement device 2, GN Field 4, GN Cannon × 2,
GN beam machine gun for Seraphim, GN Bazooka, GN Cannon × 4

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Bandai 1/144 HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.