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Bandai 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope

$144.99 AUD
White wings soar, a starlit behemoth. Beam rifle gleams, psychoframe ablaze. This Penelope ascends, shelf's avian champion. Snap-fit legend, take flight!
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Key features
  1. Soaring White Colossus: Pre-molded elegance whispers in white, wings unfurl like a celestial embrace. Beam rifle hums, psychoframe glows, the Penelope isn't just a Gundam; it's a Federation guardian angel, ready to dominate your shelf with graceful might.
  2. Beginner's Transformation Master: Snap-fit ease conquers complexity, click-by-click a legend takes flight. Master dynamic poses and fluid strikes, even with the majestic wings. This Penelope welcomes rookies to the battlefield, ready to become your first shelf-dominating champion of grace and flight.
  3. Canvas for Unbound Hope: Pre-forged brilliance is just the starting point! Decals whisper Federation allegiance, hand-paint custom details or weathering effects, swap parts with other HGUC kits. This Penelope is your blank canvas, a symbol of hope waiting to be painted onto your shelf with a symphony of white-winged victory.
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Series Assembly Guide FAQ

Bandai 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope

Unleash the Phoenix from its Flight Unit! HGUC 1/144 RX-104FF Penelope Awaits!

This ain't your average Gundam kit, it's a transforming titan reborn! Witness the majestic Penelope shed its bulky Flight Unit, revealing the sleek Odysseus Gundam beneath. Soar through Plavsky skies, then unleash a devastating Beam Rifle barrage in mobile suit mode.

Imagine: Beam Sabers dancing like stardust, the Beam Rifle crackling with celestial fury, and the shoulder armor transforming with a satisfying click. The Penelope's unparalleled articulation lets you recreate Hathaway's Flash battles with breathtaking precision, from aerial acrobatics to brutal close combat.

Details whisper of legend! From the intricate panel lines to the gleaming golden accents, the Penelope is a feast for the eyes. Molded in white and gold, with optional waterslide decals for extra flair, this kit is a canvas of pure Hathaway innovation.

Challenge yourself, build a masterpiece! This ain't a snap-fit project for rookies. The Penelope's intricate parts and unique transformation demand focus and skill, rewarding you with a centerpiece that dominates any display shelf. Feel the satisfaction of snipping sprues, cementing parts, and witnessing your Phoenix rise, piece by gleaming piece.

More than a model, it's a statement. Owning the HGUC Penelope is a declaration that you crave epic Plavsky battles and appreciate innovative engineering. It's a testament to your skills as a builder and a reminder that on the Gunpla battlefield, legends can take flight… and then land with a devastating punch.

Order yours today and:

  • Transform from mobile armor to mobile suit dominance!
  • Experience the satisfaction of a challenging and rewarding build.
  • Own a piece of Gundam history, reborn in transformative glory!

Don't wait, pilot! The Plavsky sky awaits. Claim your victory with the 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope!

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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Series

Assembly Guide

Skill Level.2 Basic modeling skills are required. Parental supervision may be required for younger children. These kits are generally suitable for beginner builders. A basic set of modeling tools are required including nippers, hobby knife, sanding sticks/paper, file, and tweezers. No glue is needed for the general assembly. Parts will need to be removed by using a pair of nippers and cutting the part away from the runner. Parts may require clean-up where they were removed from the runner.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are a snap together assembly and do not need plastic cement to complete. We always recommend having some plastic cement handy as a part of your modeler's tool kit. If you prefer to fix your model in a particular pose then plastic cement will work. Plastic cement is also perfect to use if a joint is loose. Apply plastic cement in a single thin layer and allow it to dry completely before test fitting. Re-apply more cement if necessary.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are designed to be built and displayed without the need for painting. Kits are molded in different colours replicating the colours of the actual mecha from the Gundam series. A technique called colour separation, where multiple parts of the model are molded in different colours on the same sprue is also used. Gundam kits often include stickers or water-slide decals that can be applied to the model to enhance its appearance. Some Gunpla kits come with pre-painted parts or parts with pre-applied details, such as metallic or translucent finishes.

Many modelers still choose to paint their kits to customize and add further detail. Painting allows for more creativity and personalization, enabling modelers to achieve unique effects, weathering, and colour schemes that may not be available out of the box. However, the kits are designed to be enjoyable and visually appealing even without painting, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Penelope looks huge! Is it bigger than other 1/144 models?

You got it! The Penelope stands taller than most HGUC kits due to its unique bird-like design and Fixed Flight Unit. It's a real shelf-dominator, but the build remains manageable thanks to the snap-fit system.

I've never built a transforming Gunpla. Is the Penelope difficult?

Don't worry! The Penelope's transformation is straightforward and intuitive, thanks to clear instructions and well-designed parts. You'll be switching between mobile suit and flight mode in no time!

Pre-molded white and gold look cool, but can I customize it further?

Absolutely! Decals, stickers, and hand-painting can add unique markings, weathering effects, or even custom color schemes. The Penelope is your canvas, so let your creativity take flight!

How does it pose compared to other HGUC kits?

The large wings and movable joints offer great posing options. You can recreate iconic scenes from Hathaway's Flash or design your own dynamic displays. An action base can take your Penelope soaring to new heights on your shelf!

Anything else I should know about the Penelope before buying it?

Some reviews mention slightly loose joints in certain areas, easily fixable with hobby glue or tightening techniques. Overall, the Penelope is a rewarding build and a stunning addition to any Gunpla collection. Just be prepared for its impressive size and the joy of transforming it into a majestic bird!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nathan Jones (Brisbane, AU)
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10 (Extremely likely)
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Bandai 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope

L.S. (Brisbane, AU)
Gender: Male
Comments: Don
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10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Excellent Model!

I absolutely love the Penelope, it was an amazing build that felt super satisfying to put together. It has an amazing shelf presence and it's HUGE.

Cody-Blade Antill (Cooranbong, AU)
Gender: Male
Comments: Great, love how you guys deal with customers, very professional.
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Likes: The price
Improvements: Nothing, you guys are the best!

Bandai 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope