Bandai 1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope



A very large Gundam from the Novel/Animated movie, "Hathaway's Flash", the Penelope has been produced with a new modern design styling supervised by Hajime Katoki. The complicated structure of Penelope has been recreated in this kit, using not only highly detailed parts but also utilizing clear parts in addition to solid parts. The shape and volume of the shoulder armor and tail stabilizer are incredibly impressive and one can open and close said armor by changing the position of Penelope. Every additional part can be attached to the armor. A display pedestal can be used to display Penelope in a variety of different poses and modes.

Standing over 9" tall, it surpasses the height of most MG models despite being only 1/144 scale, and features a dense substructure layered  by many parts.  The Penelope can separate from its flight unit to its original Odysseus Gundam base form and features beam rifle, shield, and beam sabers.  Runner x 20, Stickers, Display stand for Fixed Flight unit, Instruction Manual

A%ctual box size: 44.2cm x 35.0cm x 14.3cm 

SKU: 5058204

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