Bandai 1/144 NG 30MM EEXM-17 Alto Flight Type (Navy)

Create your own mass production machine with unlimited customization! From the BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series 30 MINUTES MISSIONS, which is simple and easy to assemble, the skyward aircraft eEXM-17 Alto (Aerial Battle Specification) is now available on 1/144 scale!
  • Equipped with various movable gimmicks on the wings! The range of customization is further expanded with parts that are finely divided, and can be installed in Portanova!
  • Cannon can be installed in the backpack can be used as a rifle!
  • Comes with a navy multi booster unit that matches the body colour.
  • Accessories: Cannon × 2, Multi booster unit, Flight pack x 1
SKU: 5058867

Bandai 1/144 NG 30MM EEXM-17 Alto Flight Type (Navy) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.