Bandai 1/144 RG Last Shooting Zeong and Effect Set



This spectacular set from Bandai includes the Real Grade 1/144 Zeong with lots of effect parts and a base for display! The Zeong features advanced MS joints for smooth and powerful poses; the mono eye can be moved left and right, and up and down as well. The built-in frame features a wider range of movement at the waist than before to allow for more dynamic poses; four verniers on the chest and back are deployed in conjunction with the front-and-back movement of the chest portion. The interchangeable hand parts are insert-molded for precise details and full flexibility, too! The arm-mounted mega-particle cannon is also included, in separate parts (including the wires). The effect parts in this special set allow you to reproduce the iconic "last shooting" scene! 


  • Effect parts for Zeong (lumbar vernier effect (large, x2), lumbar vernier effect (small, x5), arm vernier effect (x2), head vernier effect (x2), finger mega particle cannon effect (x10), head mega particle cannon effect (x2), head explosion effect 
  • Effect parts for Gundam (head destruction part, shoulder destruction part, rifle beam effect part, rifle hand part)
  • Display base for Last Shooting
  • Lead wire (red)
  • Lead wire (black) (x2)
  • Realistic decals
  • Display base for Zeong

PLEASE NOTE:- Gundam 1/144 RX-78-2 is NOT INCLUDED with this purchase.


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