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Bandai 1/144 System Base 001 White

$11.00 USD
White canvas for your mecha! Adjustable platform & arms for dynamic displays. Crisp contrast makes models pop! Customize with effect parts (sold separately) for epic battle scenes. Elevate your Gunpla with a modern display base!
Key features

1. Clean Canvas: The crisp white base creates a striking contrast with your models, making them pop and showcasing their details like never before. Perfect for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

2. Dynamic Display: Retains all the adjustability of the standard base, allowing you to pose your models in action-packed stances or dramatic aerial poses. Let your creativity soar!

3. Endless Customization: Combines seamlessly with other Builders Parts for even more personalization. Add effect parts, extra arms, or stands to create unique scenes that reflect your imagination and bring your models to life.

Series FAQ

Bandai 1/144 System Base 001 White

A new type of model stand designed to replicate a service hangar that is expandable to accommodate 1/144 scale models along with their weapons and support accessories. This metallic version of System Base 1 comes with attachment parts, hooks for weapons, and weapon shelf guides. You can connect several bases together and adjust the width of the hangar unit


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the white color differ from the standard System Base?

The white color offers a fresh alternative to the traditional black base, allowing your model to truly stand out and shine. It can create a clean and modern aesthetic for your display.

Is the white base just as adjustable as the black version?

Absolutely! The white System Base retains all the adjustability features of the standard model. You can raise or lower the platform, angle the arms for dynamic poses, and adjust the rotating feet for stability.

Does the white base come with any additional accessories?

Typically, no. The white System Base focuses on the clean aesthetic and adjustability features. Additional effect parts and accessories might be sold separately depending on the specific release.

Is this base easy to assemble?

Yes, like the standard System Base, it's designed for simple construction with snap-fit parts and straightforward instructions. Perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a quick and hassle-free display upgrade.

Is the white System Base worth it for modelers who already have the black version?

If you love customizing your displays and enjoy the clean, modern aesthetic, then yes! The white base offers a distinct visual style and can complement your existing collection, adding variety and personal flair.