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Bandai Action Base 7 [Clear Colour]

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Unleash dynamic poses! Action Base 7 [Clear Colour]: Transparent, poseable & supports mid-air action.
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Key features
  1. Soaring Action Captured: With its articulated arm and support strut, the Action Base 7 enables your figures to mimic the exhilarating mid-air battles and poses seen in your favourite anime and manga. This feature eliminates the need for clunky stands or visible wires, offering a clean, immersive display that truly captures the essence of each character.
  2. Unlimited Posability: The customisable joint parts of the Action Base 7 allow for an unprecedented range of motion, making it possible to recreate iconic scenes or invent new ones. Whether it's a dynamic action shot or a powerful pose, your figures will display their full potential, showcasing their abilities and personality like never before.
  3. Invisible Support, Visible Characters: Designed with a clear colour scheme, this base is made to be seen through — figuratively. It puts your figures front and centre, ensuring they remain the stars of the show. The transparent design ensures that the base doesn't distract from the figures, making your display look more professional and engaging.

Bandai Action Base 7 [Clear Colour]

Unleash Your Models' Inner Potential with the Action Base 7 [Clear Colour]!

Tired of your figures being stuck in the same old, boring poses? Do their static displays fail to capture the true dynamism and excitement of your favourite characters? Well, fret no more! The Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] is here to revolutionise your figure photography and display game!


  • Soaring through the air: Capture the thrilling mid-air action sequences you see in anime and manga with the base's articulated arm and support strut. Let your figures strike heroic poses, unleash devastating attacks, or simply float weightlessly, all without the need for messy stands or unsightly wires.
  • Unleashing their power: Showcase the full range of your figures' abilities with the base's customisable joint parts. Recreate iconic scenes, pose your figures in dynamic action shots, or simply let your imagination run wild!
  • A stage for your stars: The transparent design of the Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] puts the spotlight on your figures, not the stand itself. It disappears visually, leaving your models to truly shine.
  • Built for action, built to last: Made from high-quality, durable materials, the Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] can support even the heaviest figures with ease. And its simple, intuitive design makes it easy to assemble and adjust, so you can spend less time fiddling and more time creating!

The Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] is more than just a stand; it's a creative tool that lets you bring your figures to life. It's the perfect way to showcase your collection, capture epic moments, and unleash your inner creative genius.

So don't wait any longer! Order your Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] today and take your figure displays to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What scale figures does this base work with?

The Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] is primarily designed for 1/144 scale figures, but due to its adjustable nature, it can potentially hold some larger or smaller figures depending on their weight and pose. You can find the base's weight limit in the product description for reference.

Can I pose my figure in mid-air jumps or kicks?

Absolutely! The articulated arm and support strut are specifically designed for dynamic mid-air poses. Just make sure your figure's weight and pose are within the base's capacity.

Will the clear colour clash with different figure colors?

The transparency of the base is meant to be virtually invisible, keeping the focus on your figure. However, if you plan to use it against a stark white or black background, the base might be slightly noticeable. Consider the background you'll be using for optimal display.

How easy is it to assemble and adjust the poses?

The Action Base 7 [Clear Colour] is known for its simple and intuitive design. It comes with clear instructions, and the joints are easy to manipulate without needing any special tools. You can quickly switch between poses and experiment with different displays.

Is this base compatible with other figure brands besides Bandai?

While primarily designed for Bandai figures, the base might be compatible with other brands depending on their size and connection points. It's recommended to check the dimensions and compare them to your specific figure before purchase.

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