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Bandai Evangelion Unit-01 Upsilon

$43.00 USD
Purple beast, unleashed & alive! Pose Unit-02 Gamma fierce. Blade flashes, rifle roars. Stand ready, Angels beware!
Key features
  1. Purple Fury Unleashed: Stand bathed in the iconic purple and orange glow of Unit-02 Gamma. Meticulous sculpting captures the Eva's aggressive form, from the distinctive head crest to the exposed wiring, bringing every detail of this monstrous machine to life.
  2. Unleash the Beast with Dynamic Posing: Engage in tactical maneuvers! Advanced articulation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles lets you recreate Unit-02 Gamma's most captivating poses. Specific joints might offer extra range for iconic stances, while interchangeable hands (available in some models) add further customization.
  3. Armed and Ready for Angels: Equip Unit-02 Gamma for battle! The Progressive Knife (closed and deployed versions) and the versatile Pallet Rifle are at your disposal. Interchangeable hands (in some models) let you grip these armaments with deadly precision, while a display stand completes the scene, showcasing the Eva's dominance on your shelf.
Series Assembly Guide FAQ

Bandai Evangelion Unit-01 Upsilon


Hey mecha enthusiasts! Jump into the gripping world of Evangelion. Picture this: Tokyo-3, 15 years post-cataclysm, where teenage Shinji gets roped into piloting a colossal mecha, the "Evangelion", against mysterious foes called "Angels". It's not just about cool robot fights – it's a deep dive into the minds of Nerv's team...

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Assembly Guide

Skill Level.2 Basic modeling skills are required. Parental supervision may be required for younger children. These kits are generally suitable for beginner builders. A basic set of modeling tools are required including nippers, hobby knife, sanding sticks/paper, file, and tweezers. No glue is needed for the general assembly. Parts will need to be removed by using a pair of nippers and cutting the part away from the runner. Parts may require clean-up where they were removed from the runner.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are a snap together assembly and do not need plastic cement to complete. We always recommend having some plastic cement handy as a part of your modeler's tool kit. If you prefer to fix your model in a particular pose then plastic cement will work. Plastic cement is also perfect to use if a joint is loose. Apply plastic cement in a single thin layer and allow it to dry completely before test fitting. Re-apply more cement if necessary.

Gunpla (plastic model kits) are designed to be built and displayed without the need for painting. Kits are molded in different colours replicating the colours of the actual mecha from the Gundam series. A technique called colour separation, where multiple parts of the model are molded in different colours on the same sprue is also used. Gundam kits often include stickers or water-slide decals that can be applied to the model to enhance its appearance. Some Gunpla kits come with pre-painted parts or parts with pre-applied details, such as metallic or translucent finishes.

Many modelers still choose to paint their kits to customize and add further detail. Painting allows for more creativity and personalization, enabling modelers to achieve unique effects, weathering, and colour schemes that may not be available out of the box. However, the kits are designed to be enjoyable and visually appealing even without painting, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How's the Purple & Orange Color Scheme?

Highlight the figure's faithful color scheme with rich purple and bold orange, capturing the distinctive aesthetic of Unit-02 Gamma. Mention any metallic accents or weathering effects that add depth and realism.

Can I Pose it Like the Anime?

Emphasize the figure's extensive articulation points in shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, allowing for dynamic poses. Mention if specific joints have a wider range of motion for specific Evangelion action stances.

How Big is This Eva Warrior?

Specify the figure's scale, usually around 1/12 or 1/10, and compare it to other figures in the Evangelion line for size reference.

What Weapons Does it Come With?

List the included weapons like the signature Progressive Knife (closed and deployed versions) and the versatile Pallet Rifle. Mention if interchangeable hands allow for different gripping options to wield these armaments.

Any Special Editions for Eva Collectors?

Check if there are limited editions with different weapons, like a positron cannon, battle-damaged details, or exclusive effects parts like energy blades. Mention any special pre-order bonuses or variations in box art or packaging.