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Bandai Gundam Artifact Vol.4: 1Box (10pcs)

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Unbox 10 mystery Gundam model kits (70 parts each) in Gundam Artifact Vol.4! 6 designs + rare colors to collect! Build your squad!
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Key features
  1. Mystery Mobile Suit Mania: It's a blind-boxed bonanza! Each box contains 10 mystery capsules, each housing a surprise mini Gundam model kit waiting to be assembled. Will you unearth the classic Zaku II or the soaring Wing Gundam? The thrill of the unknown keeps every unboxing exciting.
  2. Mini Marvels, Mighty Details: Don't underestimate these pint-sized Gundams! Each model boasts a high-density mechanical design with a surprising number of parts (around 70!). This offers a detailed and rewarding build experience for hobbyists of most skill levels.
  3. Build Your Gundam Squad: Collect all six unique Gundam designs included in Vol.4! From the iconic Zaku II to the majestic Wing Gundam, there's a legendary mobile suit for everyone. With 10 capsules per box, you'll be well on your way to building your own Gundam squadron. Plus, the chance of scoring rare color variations adds another layer of collectability!
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Bandai Gundam Artifact Vol.4: 1Box (10pcs)

Dive into the Gundam Mystery Box! Unbox Your Legend with Gundam Artifact Vol.4!

Calling all Gundam fanatics! Ready for a thrilling surprise? The Gundam Artifact Vol.4: 1Box (10pcs) is your chance to embark on a mech model blind-box adventure! This isn't your average box of goodies – inside await ten mystery capsules, each containing a meticulously detailed, mini Gundam model kit just waiting to be assembled!

Here's why you gotta grab a box:

  • Unleash the surprise: Every box is a gamble – but a glorious one! Will you score the legendary High-mobility Zaku II or the enigmatic Wing Gundam? The thrill of the unknown makes every unboxing an exciting discovery!
  • Hidden in plain sight: These aren't ordinary model kits! Each Gundam Artifact features a high-density mechanical design with a surprising number of parts (around 70!), promising an engaging and rewarding build experience for all skill levels.
  • A legion awaits: Collect all six unique Gundam designs – from the iconic Zaku II to the majestic Wing Gundam! With ten capsules per box, you'll be well on your way to building your own legendary Gundam squadron. Plus, the chance of scoring rare color variations adds another layer of excitement to the hunt!

Don't just build Gundams, experience the thrill of the hunt! Grab your Gundam Artifact Vol.4: 1Box (10pcs) today and embark on a blind-box adventure that'll expand your collection and unleash your inner Gundam master!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Gundam models in the box already built?

No! Each Gundam Artifact capsule contains a disassembled model kit with around 70 parts. The fun is in putting them together yourself!

Can I choose which Gundams I get?

No, the Gundam Artifact Vol.4 is a blind-box collection. The capsules are sealed, so it's a surprise which Gundam model you'll get in each one! That's part of the thrill!

Are there different rarities for the Gundams?

There are six standard Gundam designs in the set. However, some capsules might contain rare color variations of these mobile suits, adding another layer of surprise and collectability.

How difficult are these model kits to build?

The Gundam Artifact models are designed for a wider range of skill levels. While they offer a detailed build experience with around 70 parts, they are generally considered suitable for most hobbyists.

What if I get duplicate Gundams in my box?

With ten capsules per box, you'll likely encounter some duplicates. But that's where the trading comes in! The blind-box format is perfect for Gundam fans to trade with each other and complete their collections!

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