Bandai HG 1/144 Gundam Base Event Limited Dijeh [Clear Colour]

Dijeh, who was officially boarded by Amuro Ray in "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", is now available in clear colour!
■ While maintaining the beauty of the Zeon form, action poses that greatly exceed the movable range imagined from the silhouette are possible.
■ Beam / long sword, clay bazooka, and beam rifle are included as various weapons.
■ In addition to both hands for holding a long sword, hand parts include a flat hand with an expression (left hand) and a right hand for a beam rifle.
■ Beam rifle retains the same armament as MSN-00100 Hyakushiki as in the play setting.
■ Reproduce the back binder. The grip of the beam and long sword can be attached to the waist, and the clay bazooka and beam rifle can be attached to the left and right of the binder.
■ Clay Bazooka can also be equipped on the weapon rack on the left shoulder.
■ As an Amuro rider, bonus parts with a twin eye mold like Gundam are included.
■ A water slide decal limited to the clear colour version is included!
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