Bandai RE 1/100 MS-08TX Exam Efreet Custom


Sophisticated joint and armor systems allow for an extreme range of poseability in the arms and legs, and the bold blue colour has been faithfully reproduced! Two missile pods and heat sabers are included, and the sabers are molded in clear plastic!

  • The Efreet Custom, long popular in games and side stories, is finally a kit!
  • Its charm is emphasized by the RE/100 series’ refined construction, detailed exteriors, and easy but flexible assembly.
  • Translucent parts are used for its backpack-stowable heat saber.
  • Its hexa-linked missile pod is mounted on a polycap-shaft joint for removability and adjustability!
SKU: 4549660048824

Bandai RE 1/100 MS-08TX Exam Efreet Custom is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.