Bandai SDBF Kurenai Musha Red Warrior Amazing


Lady Kawaguchi's adorable and yet very powerful Kurenai Musha Amazing from "Gundam Build Fighters Try" joins the SDBF lineup from Bandai! Standing just about 9cm tall once completed, you can detach his armor pieces to form a cannon!  In his robot mode, he has the main part of the cannon mounted to one shoulder; his two round shields become the cannon's wheels. He's also packing a katana and sheath, and two kunai. 

Hair-like part is movable.
Visor and parts of the helmet are made with clear parts.
Eye expression can be chosen from four kinds of stickers.
Ninja Knives "Kunai" on the helmet are detachable and can be held in its hands.
Hyper Bazooka can be transformed into Gatling Gun by replacing the parts.
Attach exterior parts to the Hyper Bazooka to recreate Musha Cross Cannon.
Includes the noted sword "Beniaoi".
Runner x6, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1
SKU: 2312054

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