Bandai 1/144 GD-105 HG Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Multiuse Set 1 Waterslide Decal


If you're not satisfied with the stickers and transfers that come with the kit, give these water slide (or "wet transfer") decals a try! This set contains decals for various kits from the Gundam The Origin line, like Char's Zaku I, the Gundam Local Type, The Dom Test Type, and the Gouf Tactical Demonstration!

Application Process

  1. Cut out desired decal.
  2. Dip decal and backing in water. Leave submerged 10-30 seconds.
  3. Remove decal from water with tweezers.
  4. Gently lift decal off of paper backing with tweezers.
  5. Place decal in desired location on model, adjusting with cotton swab if necessary.
  6. Apply Mark Setter or Mark Softer as needed.

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