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Cospa T-Shirt Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt Zaku)

$46.99 AUD
White canvas, roaring Zaku! Thunderbolt M-size tee, battle-worn design, comfy cotton. Show your might, built to last!
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Key features

1. Roaring Zaku in Thunderous White:

  • This M-size tee unleashes the fury of the iconic Thunderbolt Ver. Zaku on a sleek white canvas.
  • The dynamic design captures the Zaku's imposing presence and battle-worn aesthetic, reminiscent of the gritty Thunderbolt universe.
  • Whether you're a die-hard Thunderbolt fan or simply appreciate bold Gundam style, this shirt makes a statement.

2. Comfortable Cotton for Casual Mobile Suit Might:

  • Made from [insert material, e.g., soft cotton], this t-shirt promises breathable comfort for everyday wear.
  • The M size provides a relaxed, classic fit suitable for various activities, lounging, or showcasing your fandom at conventions.
  • Wear your Zaku love loud and proud, comfortably.

3. Durable Print Endures the Battlefield of Laundry:

  • Fear not the washing machine! The Zaku design is directly printed onto the fabric using high-quality techniques for a crisp, long-lasting finish.
  • No worries about peeling or fading – this t-shirt is built to endure, allowing you to rep your Thunderbolt allegiance for years to come.
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Series FAQ

Cospa T-Shirt Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt Zaku)

The Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt version Zaku is ready for action! Made from 100-percent cotton for maximum comfort and durability.

Printed on the front and one sleeve only.


Small (S)-  Length (shoulder to hem): 65cm. Width (measured flat, under the arms, one side only): 49cm.

  • [Garment Length]: 65cm
  • [Garment Width]: 49cm
  • [Sleeve Length]: 19cm

Medium (M)- Length (shoulder to hem): 67cm. Width (measured flat, under the arms, one side only): 50cm.

  • [Garment Length]: 69cm
  • [Garment Width]: 52cm
  • [Sleeve Length]: 20cm

Large (L)- Length (shoulder to hem): 73cm. Width (measured flat, under the arms, one side only): 55cm.

  • [Garment Length]: 73cm
  • [Garment Width]: 55cm
  • [Sleeve Length]: 22cm

Extra Large (XL)- Length (shoulder to hem): 74cm. Width (measured flat, under the arms, one side only): 58cm.

  • [Garment Length]: 77cm
  • [Garment Width]: 58cm
  • [Sleeve Length]: 24cm


>>>Please note that Japanese T-shirt sizes tend to run a half size to a full size smaller than their western counterparts. Please keep this in mind and check the measurements above before placing your order.<<<

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Frequently Asked Questions

How vibrant is the Zaku design on the white shirt?

Ask the seller for additional photos in different lighting conditions, or for customer reviews mentioning the colour vibrancy of the Zaku design on the white shirt.

What's the fit like for a size M? Does it run true to size, or oversized?

Ask the seller for the specific chest width, length, and sleeve length measurements of the size M t-shirt, or if it runs true to size or has a looser/fitted fit.

Is the fabric light and breathable for warmer weather, or heavier for cooler conditions?

Ask the seller if the fabric is lightweight cotton, heavier polyester blend, or another material, to ensure it suits your preferred comfort level.

Does the design look distressed or "Thunderbolt"-like, or is it a clean, graphic representation?

Ask the seller for details about the design's style, whether it captures the weathered, rugged appearance of the Thunderbolt universe, or if it's a more polished interpretation.

Are there any special care instructions for the t-shirt?

Ask if there are specific temperature or drying instructions to prevent shrinkage or damage. Some materials might require hand washing or special detergents.