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Dspiae Glue Bottle Holder Anodized Alloy

$19.00 USD
Enhance safety and prevent bin tipping with a weighted Bin Fall Prevention Base, compatible with various trash, recycling, and compost bins. Easy installation and universal compatibility.
Key features
  1. Enhanced Safety: Effectively prevent bin tipping and accidental spills, reducing the risk of injuries and property damage.
  2. Improved Stability: Provide a weighted base that keeps trash bins upright, even when fully loaded or top-heavy.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Accommodate a wide range of bin sizes and styles, ensuring compatibility with various trash, recycling, and compost bins.
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Dspiae Glue Bottle Holder Anodized Alloy

The main box contains the glue bottle holder, manufactured in a very attractive red-anodised aluminium alloy, with the DSPIAE logo printed onto it. The shape of the holder is like a four-sided pyramid with the top half sliced off, meaning the widest part is at the bottom. This is an important design feature as it means the centre of gravity of this heavy metal item is quite low, so overturning it would be a real effort indeed.

Underneath the main product is a self-adhesive rubber sheet which needs peeling and attaching to the underside of the bottle holder. The bottle holding space is big enough for my Tamiya and Gunze bottled liquid glues, and doubtless others which seem to be around the same size. There is wiggle-room too for very slightly larger bottles, should you need to use one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bin Fall Prevention Base?

A Bin Fall Prevention Base is a device designed to prevent trash bins from tipping over, especially when they are full or top-heavy. It typically consists of a weighted base that the bin sits on, providing stability and preventing accidental tipping.

What are the benefits of using a Bin Fall Prevention Base?

There are several benefits to using a Bin Fall Prevention Base, including: Improved Safety: Bin falls can cause injuries, especially to children, elderly individuals, or those with mobility limitations. A Bin Fall Prevention Base helps prevent these accidents by keeping bins upright and secure. Reduced Mess: Tipping bins can cause trash to spill onto the floor, creating a mess and potential hazards. A Bin Fall Prevention Base helps maintain a clean and tidy environment. Protects Property: Bin falls can damage property, such as flooring, walls, or nearby items. A Bin Fall Prevention Base helps protect your belongings from accidental damage.

What types of bins are compatible with a Bin Fall Prevention Base?

Most Bin Fall Prevention Bases are designed to accommodate a wide range of bin sizes and styles, including standard trash bins, recycling bins, and compost bins. Check the specific dimensions and compatibility information provided by the product manufacturer.

How easy is it to install and use a Bin Fall Prevention Base?

Installation is typically straightforward and may involve placing the bin on the base, securing it with straps or clamps, and adjusting any weight distribution as needed. Once installed, no further action is required.

How effective are Bin Fall Prevention Bases in preventing bin falls?

Bin Fall Prevention Bases are highly effective in preventing bin falls, especially when used correctly and with appropriately sized bins. They provide a significant improvement in safety and stability compared to using bins without a base.