Dspiae Glue Bottle Holder Anodized Alloy


The main box contains the glue bottle holder, manufactured in a very attractive red-anodised aluminium alloy, with the DSPIAE logo printed onto it. The shape of the holder is like a four-sided pyramid with the top half sliced off, meaning the widest part is at the bottom. This is an important design feature as it means the centre of gravity of this heavy metal item is quite low, so overturning it would be a real effort indeed.

Underneath the main product is a self-adhesive rubber sheet which needs peeling and attaching to the underside of the bottle holder. The bottle holding space is big enough for my Tamiya and Gunze bottled liquid glues, and doubtless others which seem to be around the same size. There is wiggle-room too for very slightly larger bottles, should you need to use one.

Type: Modelling

Dspiae Glue Bottle Holder Anodized Alloy is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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