Dspiae Superglue Auxiliary Applicator


Inside the box, we find the base of the applicator, machined from aluminium alloy, and then anodized in the now familiar shade of red that we see with DSPIAE tools. The main block has two circular indents in the raised portion, and the lower area forms a rack for storing the CA applicators that you removed from the PE fret. A small clear zip-lock wallet contains what I originally mistook for two magnets, but are in fact stainless steel platforms onto which you’ll apply the CA. These are curved on the top edge, and you need to insert the squared edges into the indents on the main block. A self-adhesive rubber base is included, and you must peel this back and apply it to the underside of the main block.

With the CA dripped onto the platform(s), your applicator of choice is then used to touch the edge of the superglue pool, filling up the small reservoir. You will then transfer this to your project work, with the CA running from the applicator via capillary action. You can use the racks to store the applicators, and when finished, DSPIAE suggest holding the tip of the applicator in a flame, to burn away any remnants of glue and leave it clean for your next use.

This is an accessory/tool that until you own one, you do not understand how essential it is!

Type: Modelling

Dspiae Superglue Auxiliary Applicator is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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