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GodHand PN-120-L Left Handed Blade One Nipper Single Edged Plastic Cutting Nippers

$65.99 AUD
At last, a game-changer for all left-handed modelers out there—meet the Blade One Nipper L by Godhand. Specially crafted for left-hand use, this isn't just a tool; it's your new best mate in precision, comfort, and endurance. Its robust blade design stands up to rigorous projects, offering a super clean cut that minimises post-snipping fuss. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer, your model-building journey just got a whole lot smoother. Order now and elevate your craft!
Key features
  1. Left-Hand Optimised Design: Specifically engineered for left-handed modelers, the Blade One Nipper L ensures a comfortable grip and flawless operation, making your crafting journey seamless and enjoyable.
  2. Robust Blade Construction: Crafted with a thicker blade to withstand extensive use, this set of nippers promises long-lasting durability and high performance, ideal for a variety of plastic resins up to 3mm.
  3. Superior Cut Quality: The Blade One Nipper L offers a sheer, smooth cut that minimises plastic whitening and gouging. This clean finish saves you time on scraping, sanding, and polishing, making it perfect for both painted and snap-fit model builders.
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GodHand PN-120-L Left Handed Blade One Nipper Single Edged Plastic Cutting Nippers

Finally, a tool that speaks to all the left-handed modelers out there! We're excited to introduce the Blade One Nipper L by Godhand, an essential tool explicitly designed with your convenience in mind.

This unique set of nippers is not just any ordinary tool; it is the embodiment of precision, comfort, and durability. As a left-handed modeler, you no longer have to compromise or adapt to tools made for the right-handed majority. The Blade One Nipper L is designed to fit comfortably and function flawlessly in your left hand, ensuring your model-making journey is a seamless one.

The Blade One Nipper L features a thicker blade, purposefully crafted to withstand the rigors of extensive modeling projects. This robust design promises long-lasting life, enduring through countless creations without compromising on performance.

With this set of nippers, you can work with confidence, knowing you have a reliable tool designed to match your unique needs. Whether you're a seasoned modeler or just starting, the Blade One Nipper L offers you a new level of comfort and precision in your craft.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your modeling experience. Order your Blade One Nipper L by Godhand today, and embrace the difference of a tool designed just for you!

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General PN-120 Nipper Info

Suiting beginner modellers, or newcomers to single edged nippers and those simply looking for a quality, sheer cut of thicker PS resin than other similar products can provide, the GodHand GH-PN-120 Blade One represents a true evolution in plastic nipper design and operation. Suitable for plastics only, these nippers can be used on PS, PP, ABS and PE resins to 3mm, with transparent/translucent PS resin being limited a maximum of 2mm.

Due to the sharpness of the GH-PN-120 cutting blade, you can obtain a smooth surface with little plastic whitening or gouging and with a minimum of scraping, sanding and polishing. This greatly improves kit construction efficiency, allowing you to speed through assembly steps without those often frustrating hours of sprue gate removal and clean up. The neat cut provided by the GH-PN-120 Blade One Nipper is also perfect for those whom do not wish to paint their model, a feature highly desirable to snap-fit model builders in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these nippers suitable for both beginners and experienced modelers?

Absolutely! The Blade One Nipper L is designed to offer a new level of comfort and precision for everyone, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro.

What types of plastic resins can these nippers handle?

These versatile nippers can cut through PS, PP, ABS, and PE resins up to 3mm. For transparent/translucent PS resin, the limit is 2mm.

I often have issues with plastic whitening when I cut. Will these nippers help reduce that?

Yes, the Blade One Nipper L is designed to provide a smooth, clean cut, minimising plastic whitening and gouging. This means less time spent on scraping, sanding, and polishing.

Are these nippers easy to maintain?

Definitely. The robust blade design is crafted for durability, so you can count on long-lasting performance. However, it's always good to follow the care instructions to keep them in top condition.

Can I use these nippers for materials other than plastic?

No. These nippers are specifically designed for use with plastic resins only. Using them on other materials could compromise their performance and longevity.

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