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Gundam Marker - Clear Gloss

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Enhance your 30 Minutes Missions models with essential markers for panel lining, highlighting, and creating vibrant accents. Safe for plastic models and easy to apply.
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Key features
  1. Essential Markers for 30MM Models: Streamline your 30 Minutes Missions (30MM) model detailing with this comprehensive marker set, providing the essential colors and tools to enhance the appearance of your mecha models.
  2. Versatile Color Palette: Expand your detailing possibilities with six vibrant markers, including Gundam Black for panel lining, Gundam Gray for subtle highlights, Gundam White for a clean base coat, Gundam Red for eye-catching accents, Gundam Blue for vibrant details, and Gundam Yellow for versatile applications.
  3. Safe and Easy Application: Experience the convenience of water-based markers that are safe for plastic model kits and easy to apply. Control the flow precisely for fine details and wipe away excess ink with a cotton swab or dampened cloth.
Series FAQ

Gundam Marker - Clear Gloss

In response to customers who want to use Gundam Markers for finishing coat, we are releasing new Gundam Markers for clear coat. Two types are available, glossy (this product) and matte, so you can choose the one that best suits your expression. Also, since they are completely water-based and contain no solvents, they can be coated over Gundam Markers without affecting the base material. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set?

The 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set is a specially designed set of markers for use with 30 Minutes Missions (30MM) model kits. It provides a range of essential colors and tools for adding details, panel lining, and enhancing the overall appearance of your 30MM models.

What kind of markers are included in the 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set?

The set includes the following six markers: Gundam Marker: Gundam Black: A versatile black color for panel lining, shading, and creating depth and definition. Gundam Marker: Gundam Gray: A neutral gray color for highlights, creating subtle shadows, and adding depth. Gundam Marker: Gundam White: A high-coverage white color for correcting mistakes, adding highlights, and creating a clean base coat. Gundam Marker: Gundam Red: A vibrant red color for accents, such as power vents, beam sabers, and insignia. Gundam Marker: Gundam Blue: A bright blue color for details on mobile suit armor, such as sensors, warning labels, and control panels. Gundam Marker: Gundam Yellow: A versatile yellow color for accents, highlights, and weapon markings.

How do I use the 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set?

The markers in the set are easy to use. Simply shake the marker well, carefully remove the cap, and gently press the tip against the surface of your 30MM model kit to apply the color. You can use various techniques, such as layering, blending, and stippling, to achieve the desired effect.

Are the 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set markers safe for my 30MM model kits?

Yes, the markers in the set are formulated to be safe for use on plastic model kits, including 30MM model kits. They are made from high-quality materials that will not damage the plastic or affect the finish of your models.

Can I use the 30 Minutes Missions Weapon & Frame Marker Set markers on other model kits besides 30MM kits?

Yes, the markers in the set can be used on a variety of plastic model kits, not just 30MM kits. They are suitable for detailing mecha models, military vehicles, aircraft, and other types of plastic models.